We are open!

Golf Lounge Resort Hamburg

New: Golf Lounge Resort Hamburg

We are open, we are relaxed, we are diversity and that’s why it never gets boring with us.

Apart from unusual customer events, we want to be different and enjoy new things. For example, in the past year we have enjoyed jazz and even opera concerts and witnessed film screenings.

There will be Christmas markets and because we already have a really great relationship with our neighbors here on site, we also work very friendly with the fruit and vegetable farmers in the neighborhood, who will occasionally offer their freshly harvested products here in the medium term.

And because we have been involved and committed to Hamburg sport for years, it is not uncommon for us to become players/athletes from Team Hamburg, the Hamburg handball club, the Hamburg volleyball team, the Hamburg Towers and the Hamburg Rowing Bundesliga – Eights salute.

We look forward to many exciting and beautiful Mo