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The revolution on the green

Augmented Reality refers to the superimposition of reality with additional virtual information or objects. In contrast to virtual reality, the user can perceive the real world as usual: Additional information is displayed in the surroundings using a projector or in the transparent displays of augmented reality glasses, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, shown. With PuttView, this technology is now used in golf training, more precisely when putting: the system calculates the putt line in real time and displays it directly on the green using a beamer aimed at the ground. The trainer controls and configures PuttView for his students with a tablet app that serves as a “remote control” for the system. PuttView is being used in the Golf Lounge for the first time as a partner in the exclusive pilot customer program. Additional systems are to be installed from October. The two founders of Viewlicity GmbH would soon like to make PuttView usable on the golf course and display the putt line on augmented reality glasses.

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Hamburger Start-up Viewlicity GmbH

takes off with the latest technology

The golf training of the future has been developed, the PuttView is now being used for the first time in the Golf Lounge worldwide.

Lukas Posniak and Christoph Pregizer already had the desire to start their own company during their joint MBA program at the Collège des Ingénieurs in 2011, but the idea for PuttView only came about two years later. The development of PuttView began in May 2015 in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Frank Steinicke from the “Human-Computer Interaction” department at the University of Hamburg. Numerous awards and grants prove PuttView’s innovative approach, such as winning the Hamburg Innovation Award in the Idea category in 2015 and funding through a start-up grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and the European Union in 2015/2016. Viewlicity GmbH was founded in October 2015 under the direction of Lukas Posniak and Christoph Pregizer. The company name – composed of the English terms “view” and “simplicity” – underlines the focus on applications in the field of visualization and learning. As the first product, PuttView will be presented to the public in April 2016, with other applications to follow.

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