Bearclaw Hamburg meets Golf Lounge Hamburg

Bear Claw Hamburg

New offer in the gastronomy

From April 2018, the team at Bear Claw will complement the existing dining in the Golf Lounge with culinary sandwiches: “pulled meat” is to leave the meat in its original structure, giving the classic burger a new look.

“Pulled Meat” Burger & Sandwiches

Photo Credits: Bear Claw

Simply delicious: Bear Claw

New culinary gastronomy offer in the Golf Lounge through the support from 4 pm by the team of “Bear Claw”. Bear Claw has already made a name for himself in the Long Series with “pulled meat” sandwiches since 2016. The focus is on high-quality sandwiches topped with tender beef, pork and chicken. Finished in a delicious spicy just supplemented with crunchy vegetables and refined with homemade sauces, the juicy sandwich variant is extra juicy. The meat comes from northern German farms and becomes so tender in an eight-hour stew that it can easily be plucked from the roast with the “Bear Claw”. The kitchen appliance gives our shop its name. On times of “processed food,” Bear Claw returns to craft: leaving the meat in its original structure. Here, the classic sandwich is given a new face. The contrast of fine-spicy meat and sweet-crispy bread is an elementary part of this Soul foods. Served with crunchy fries, the sandwich will fill any sports guest. Cooked with passion – sandwich for the soul.