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A wedding according to plan

It’s supposed to be the most beautiful day in a couple’s life, but the months before the wedding bring stress for many wedding couples. We will tell you here how stress can be minimized and anticipation increased!

1. Start planning early:
Anyone who thinks they can plan a wedding stress-free within 6 months will quickly realize that this is an illusion. The most beautiful wedding locations in Hamburg and the surrounding area are now fully booked around 1 year in advance. Therefore we recommend: Start planning at least 1 1/2 years in advance. This is how you ensure that your dream location is also free for you.

2. Hand in tasks
Wedding planner is a full time job! Planning a complete wedding on your own alongside a job, hobbies and family is a mammoth task. Give specific tasks to friends and family. They know you best and will be happy to support you. Or seek professional help. Many locations and caterers offer carefree packages. Let us advise you here without obligation.

3. It’s YOUR day!
You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations. Make this day the best day of your life and don’t let others talk you into it. Fulfill your dreams, not your family’s. Take the dress you want to wear, the cake you want, the location you feel comfortable in. Your guests will notice what is important to you and will accept your wishes.

4. Calculate your budget and adjust your expectations
A wedding is associated with high costs. Therefore, think about how much you can spend beforehand and get an idea of ​​what fits into the budget. Write down all costs in detail and check regularly whether you are still within your defined framework.

5. Take it with serenity
You can’t anticipate every eventuality. Don’t let small mishaps upset you. This special day should stay in your minds forever as a beautiful and unforgettable event. Take things as they come. Everyone around you will do their best to make this day special. Enjoy the time with your loved ones.