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We are there for you – for all questions relating to your golf game, in group training, in choosing the right course – and simply for a small bite. You can book us at any time for your individual training, couple training and individual group training for private or professional groups. Since the Golf Lounge Pros have different additional training, the prices for individual training also differ. Video analysis and balls are included in all training sessions. Choose according to your needs and your golf destinations!

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Photo Credits: GolfLounge


Photo Credits: GolfLounge

GOLF LOUNGE PRO: David Entwistle

David Entwistle joined the Red Golf team in Moorfleet in 2007 as a PGA professional. Before that he worked as head pro at the Golf Club Coburg. David is from Manchester and has been the Academy Director and responsible for the entire golf instructor team.

David stands for quality and enjoyment in golf – whether you’re a beginner or a single handicaper.

Contact to David Entwistle: [email protected]

70 € / 50 minutes


Photo Credits: GolfLounge

GOLF LOUNGE PRO: Thomas Postpischl

Thomas comes to us in the GolfLounge with his 6 years of coaching experience.

Growing up in Munich, he discovered golf at the age of 14. Since then, the white ball has never let go of him and has always accompanied his professional career.

After completing his training as a sports and fitness salesman, he was able to start as a golf coach at Vanden Berge Golf. At the same time, he completed his training as a PGA professional. Working there as an independent golf coach, he learned from his mentor Jörg Vanden Berge from the beginning that only well-structured golf training is the safest way to success.

With insightful swing analyzes and a resulting training plan, he ensures that each training session is well documented and a continuous increase in performance is guaranteed. Therefore, he is above all a competent contact for golfers who always want to develop their golf skills and who have set themselves a specific handicap as their goal.

Customer Reviews:

“In my opinion, Thomas is a great asset for the entire Golf Lounge team. With his very motivating, personable and professional manner, as a golf instructor he has the great gift, with training that is very understandable for me and a multitude of very good exercises, to tease out a previously unimagined play potential in a very short time. A big thank you for that. ”- Philip Geiss Handicap 21.8

“More consistency when hitting !!!”
After analyzing my golf swing, Thomas did an excellent job of giving me the idea of performing an efficient movement, minimizing my mistakes with individually tailored exercises and movement instructions, and coming a big step closer to my goal.
Result: less frustration, more fun and significantly improved handicap !!! Anke Moesta Handicap 23.6

Contact Thomas Postpischl: [email protected]

70 € / 50 minutes


Photo Credits: GolfLounge

GOLF LOUNGE PRO: Justin Milliner

Justin Milliner was born in Hamburg in 1996. He spent his youth on the golf course with his dad (PGA professional) and played in the Landesliga in Hamburg. This was followed by various national and international golf tournaments in the youth squad. After graduating from high school, he played golf for two years and started as an independent scout in the Golf Lounge 2018. He supervises summer celebrations, Christmas parties and birthdays. This year he is turning his passion into a profession and will start training as a PGA professional in the Golf Lounge in February 2020.

Philosophy: “Golfers help to reach their maximum potential – and to pass on their passion for golf with enthusiasm! Golf instructors can only show the way, you have to tread it yourself. ”

Contact Justin Milliner: [email protected]

70 € / 50 minutes


Photo Credits: GolfLounge

GOLF LOUNGE PRO: Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold has been a PGA Professional for more than 20 years. He spent a long time in golf clubs in England where he also learned to play golf. In April 2012 he moved to Germany and worked for the Golfpark Westerzgebirge for the first two years. The move to Hamburg took place in 2014 and brought him further practical experience both at the Gut Kaden golf club and at Castan Golf. He has been in the Golf Lounge since September 2017.

His philosophy is to always improve the playing ability of every player by simply explaining the golf swing.

Contact to Matthew Arnold: [email protected]

70 € / 50 minutes