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We are here for you — when you have questions about your golf game, in group training, choosing the right class — or just for a little chat. You can book us anytime for personal training, couples training and individual group training for private or professional groups. The Golf Lounge Pros have differing qualifications, therefore, the hourly prices for personal training vary. In every training, video analysis and balls are included. Make your choice, appropriate for your demands and your goals!



Thomas Postpischl

Thomas got to the Golf Lounge having six years of coaching experience.

He grew up in Munich and discovered golf at fourteen. Since then, he is fascinated by the small white ball, and it followed him through his professional journey.

After his vocational training to become a sports and fitness administrator, he was able to start his position as a golf teacher at Vanden Berge Golf, right away. At the same time, he completed his education as a PGA Professional. Being a freelance golf teacher, his mentor Jörg Vanden Berge taught him that a well-structured golf training is the safest way to success.

With instructive swing analysis and a resulting training schedule, he makes sure to document every training precisely, enabling a consistent learning curve. Thus, he is a competent contact person for all golfers who want to develop their golf skills and set their goal to accomplish a certain handicap.

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Customer testimonial of Markus Jost:

I’m playing golf for almost 20 years but thanks to Thomas, I can really sense and feel my golf swing. Thomas works with visualizations and body experiences at certain points during the swing. This approach helps to perceive the complex golf swing in a simple way. I thought I knew the golf swing in theory. That wasn’t the case. After Thomas’ explanations, I felt much wiser regarding the theory, and I can implement this knowledge into to simple, practical exercises. My golf swing significantly improved visually, and I’m confident that this will lead to more consistent results. The swing is more stable than before the training with Thomas.
The picture “the catapult“ was helping a lot.

70 €  per 50 minutes


Matthew Arnold has been a PGA professional for more than 20 years. He has spent a lot of time in the golf clubs of Great Britain, where he also learned how to golf. In April of 2012, he moved to Germany and worked for the Golfpark Westerzgebirge (Western Ore Mountains) for almost two years. He moved to Hamburg in 2014 and gained additional practical experience at The Golf Lounge Driving Range in Hamburg Gut Kaden as well as at Castan Golf. He has been at Golf Lounge since September of 2017.

His philosophy is to continuously improve the gaming skills of each player by simple explanations of the golf drive.

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70 € per 50 minutes


Dan Briant has seven years experience in playing golf. His father took him to the golf course one day, and the sparks flew. After three years as an amateur, he completed his education at the Golf Lounge.

Since 2014, he is a fully qualified Golf Professional, and for one year now, he sticks to the Leadbetter philosophy: It is not about a swing change but motor control and the analysis on the course.

Dan also offers classes at GC Timmendorf — your address during your Baltic Sea vacation.

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70 € per 50 minutes