Golf Know-How

The handicap: our claim.

Golf Training

We are starting with a new concept, we want to make the wonderful sport of golf accessible to new players in Moorfleet, but we also see it as our task, with all convenience, to refer to rules and regulations that are basically part of golf anyway, like sailing commands. Without them, it’s nothing.

It’s not about checked trousers for us, but about basic skills on the one hand, but above all about the rules of conduct on the pitch. The best conditions for a relaxed get-together with us here at the Golf Lounge Resort. And you can get this great handicap in three ways with us. For those who always have to juggle with their appointments, the flexible handicap is very useful.

Use our daily courses with a maximum of 6 people, as you want. We assume that 5 double lessons are required, then the exam.

The group handicap is alternative. There are 4 fixed dates of 3 hours each (incl. theory and exam) in groups of max. 6 people. And then there is the possibility to apply for the handicap online.

Using around 60 instructional videos, you will learn all the necessary basic techniques for the practical exercises, of course we look forward to seeing you here in Moorfleet.

Of course, we await you here for the test with one of our pros.