Partner clubs of the Golf Lounge welcome you to an 18-hole or 9-hole round for just the green fee of the respective club. With the „Fairway Package“, you use your green fee flatrate card and get a discount on the green fee at more than 30 associate courses around Hamburg. The “Fairway Package“ is the ideal add-on for your “Golf & Train“ membership and lets you play 18 x 9-hole or 9 x 18-hole at favorable prices — e.g. 18-hole converted for 39 €. Use your card as much and as flexible as you want — Enjoy yourself!


With the Fairway Package, you can play 18 x 9-hole or 9 x 18-hole* at favorable prices and flexible at 30 clubs** close to Hamburg. Enjoy easily playing golf throughout the year — the ideal add-on for your Golf & Train membership.

Since the package is managed online, you only need your DGV pass — and your golf bag of course. Online, you can look up anytime, and see when and where you played and how many rounds are left.

*Please do always get in touch with the respective club to reserve a starting time.

**The portfolio with our associates can change.

Your advantages:

  • Bookable anytime
  • Flexible 18 x 9-hole or 9 x 18-hole
  • Valid several times on one course


Download overview of associate clubs


350 € per year Add-on for Golf & Train membership

Info about Golf & Train membership


Golfclub Büsum Dithmarschen e.V.

Golf right behind the North Sea dike.

04834 /960 460

Golfclub Insel Langeoog e.V.

Golf in the Wadden Sea, a world heritage site.

04972/99 02 46

Gut Waldhof Golf AG

The golf course is right in the middle of a green forest and offers a high recreational value.

04194 / 99740


In a rural paradise, the course welcomes you to a relaxed game of golf in a family atmosphere.

05821 / 98 25 0


“Perfect for all demands”

040 / 7100506

Golfclub Siek/Ahrensburg

A well trimmed public 18-hole golf course.

04107 / 851201

Golf und Country Club Brunstorf e.V.

A real challenge and pure golf pleasure at the same time.

04151 / 867878

Golfpark Soltau

Right in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath close to the town Soltau.

05191 / 9676333

Golf Club Deinster Mühle e.V.

Our 18-hole golf course offers peace and relaxation throughout the year.

04149 / 925 0

Golf Club Gut Apeldör e.V.

„Currently, place 14 of the best golf courses in Germany”, source: GOLF MAGAZIN 2015

04836 / 99600

Golf-Park Sülfeld

3 x 9-hole with athletic challenge for all handicaps.

04537 / 701551

Golf-Club Buxtehude GmbH & Co. KG


04161 / 81333

Golfclub Reinfeld

A golf course with different levels of difficulty, and a variety of tricks and pitfalls.

04533 / 610308

Adendorf Golf Club e.V.

The resort is made out of wonderful lake environments and a rich flora and fauna.

04131 / 22332660

Maritim Golfclub Ostsee e.V.

Between the sea and lakes and rapeseed fields under bright blue skies.

04502 / 777714

Golf-Club Schloss Breitenburg e.V.

A fairytale place for golf.

04828 / 8188

Golf-Park Peiner Hof e.V.

An oasis of peace and quiet outside the town.

04101 / 73790

Golfclub Schloss Teschow e.V.

Enjoy rural pleasures at Landhotel Schloss Teschow

03996 / 1400

Golfclub Gut Waldshagen e.V.

The golf course is situated in the middle of Holstein Switzerland and is close to the Baltic Sea.

04522 / 766766

Golfanlage Green Eagle e.V.

The golf challenge outside of Hamburg


Golf & Country Club Hohwachter Bucht e.V.

Look forward to recreational games because with us; every day is a holiday — even in the winter!

04381 / 9690

Golf- und Country Club Treudelberg e.V.

27-hole pure golf pleasure.

040 / 608228802

Golfpark Weidenhof e.V.

We offer golf for all!

04101 / 511830

Golfclub Königshof Sittensen e.V.

Well-placed pitfalls, a lot of water and natural conditions.

04282 / 3266

G & CC Am Hockenberg e.V.

Unexpected hills always provide for a challenge and it never gets boring.

04105 / 52245

Golf Club Segeberg e.V.

It offers players of every skill level an always changing panorama, in every season.

04559 / 1360

Golfclub Gut Haseldorf e.V.

Discover this very special golf course in the Elbmarsch with a cordial atmosphere.

04122 / 853500

Golfclub Gut Immenbeck e.V.

Here, you can play golf in a family atmosphere without starting and waiting times.

04161 / 87699

Golfclub Timmendorfer Strand e.V.

You play golf, and in a few hundred meters distance roars the Baltic Sea.

04503 / 704400

Golf Club Großensee e.V.

You have passion, we provide the rest.

04154 / 6473

Golfclub Escheburg

Embedded in a typical Northern German hedgerow landscape in the former glacial valley of the Elbe.

04152 / 83204

Ærø Golf Klub (DK)

Ocean view from all tees and greens.

0045 / 62 52 23 63

Golfpark Fehmarn

The ideal place to enjoy the fantastic world of golf.

04371 / 6969



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