“In my opinion, Thomas is a big win for the entire Golf Lounge team. With his very motivating, sympathetic and professional way, he has the great gift as a golf teacher, with a very understandable training for me and a variety of very good exercises to rauszukitzeln a previously unimagined in my playful potential in no time. A big thank you for that. “- Philip Geiss Handicap 21,8

“I have been playing golf for almost 20 years, but it is thanks to Thomas Help that I feel and feel my golf swing really well. – Thomas works with pictures and experienced body feeling at certain points in the golf swing. This approach helps to make the complex golf swing easy to experience. – I thought to know the golf swing theoretically. That was not the case, after the explanations I’m theoretically much further and can do this well with simple practical exercises. – My golf swing has visibly improved and I am confident that this will be reflected in more consistent results. The momentum is much more stable than before Thomas’s lesson. “- Markus Jost Handicap 9,9