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Look through our event archive and be inspired for your next visit at the Golf Lounge. Here you will find articles about current and dated events that take or took place at the Golf Lounge.


We had a nice talk at the fireplace with singer-songwriter Howard Carpendale. In the beginning of November, we invited golf fan Howard Carpendale to a nice and cozy talk at the chalet. In a small circle of friends in front of the fireplace, the athlete Howard Carpendale took us on a passionate “golf“ journey and his excitement about this sport is still unbroken. In quite pictorial and vivid anecdotes and short stories, he talked about his “golf“ life. Thank you for a very warm and very private evening — thanks, Howard.


Golf & Sail 2016. It is hard to describe how the sun is reflected by the water and the Elbphilharmonie becomes part of a wonderful setting for a very special sailing trip. In our summer vacation, we boarded the Tolkien, together with 25 golf mates, to visit Hafencity, CG Foehr and GC Budersand on Sylt. It was an indescribable experience — maybe our short film can get across some of our impressions … YouTube Channel GolfLounge

Have fun!

Short film Golf & Sail 2016


The Stogie Cup 2016 was a great success! Here, the children are the VIPs.

After two emotional years of warming up, a different kind of charity events took place for the third time at Gut Kaden last Friday: the STOGIE CUP. About 90 golfers who came from the music industry, sports, showbiz, and economy went on the green at the golf club GUT KADEN to promote a good cause. The revenue of about 8000 euros went to the children of Fritz-Köhne primary school in Rothenburgsort.

Also thanks to the support of the Golf Lounge Hamburg, the golf charity was a great success! About 160participants (including party guests), with celebrities such as HSV professional Marcell Jansen, actress Nina Bott, the Liedfett-Band guys, DJ Saint One, Jenny Falckenberg, Moritz Fürste, Patrick Owomoyela, and more enjoyed the goodie bag, containing Golf Lounge ball vouchers, and came together cheerfully at the tee. The enthusiasm of the kids was limitless — there will definitely be a new event edition in 2017.

Unterstützung für die Hamburg Towers – Juli 2016 Sportsenator Andy Grote und Towers GF Marvin Willoughby in der Golf Lounge BIG SUPPORT FOR THE HAMBURG TOWERS – JULI 2016


Be strong together! Act beyond the borders of your sport …

The Golf Lounge donates 10.000 euros for Hamburg’s athletic future. Cheque presentation with sports senator Andy Grote and Marvin Willoughby, athletic director of the second league club Hamburg Towers.

Hamburg is the city of sport but, at present, has to proof its athletic ambitions and perseverance. The Golf Lounge wants to be a big supporter of Hamburg and give it impetus. “In 2015, the Golf Lounge supported the bid to host the Olympic Games and Team Hamburg with a lot of effort. After losing the bid, it was very important for us to stand together as a sports team and to further shape the metropolitan area athletically. Sport unites people and we want to help to inspire Hamburg for that cause and just support our direct neighbors,” says Golf Lounge CEO Peter E. Merck.


The donation goes to the project behind “Hamburg Towers” and is called “Sport Ohne Grenzen e. V. (Engl. sport without borders)”. What kicked off this long-term project was the idea to do good, to get kids off the street, create new perspectives and follow a vision. The focus is basketball but with a diverse offer for classes. SOG stands for team play, fair play, tolerance, and non-violence.



On Saturday, July 2, the second Golf Lounge golf challenge was hosted at the associate golf club Großensee. Although the weather conditions weren’t perfect, all 30 participants were in a good mood and very motivated to swing their golf clubs. After completing the 9 holes, the participants gathered at the chalet with their families where they enjoyed the Golf Lounge burger buffet. The cherry on top of this beautiful tournament day was the award ceremony for the winners of the three net score groups and the best gross scores. As you can see on the pictures, everyone had a good time and the general mood was very positive. All participants felt comfortable in their golfing home. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to smell the air of challenge in a relaxed atmosphere — get dates and information directly at the counter.


We want to thank top coach Willi Hofmann – long-term trainer of the most successful German golfer Bernhard Langer – he gave us a very exciting field report and knew how to spice it up with a lot of insight into the international golf scene which made a huge impression on the audience. Anecdotes and many memories out of 50 years of golfing made this visit very special. Thank you very much for letting us in …

Hamburg Golf Lounge:

To me, the Golf Lounge in Hamburg is a perfect example of how excellent a welcoming service can be, that helps young and old to be inspired by this beautiful sport. I saw the world and a lot of things that impressed me but the management and representation of the Golf Lounge by Mr. Merck exceeded all my expectations. I was invited to give a speech. I was impressed by how passionate and understanding Mr. Merck is when it comes to the special features of golf and how you can make it a fantastic sports reality to women, men, girls, and boys.

The very comfortable atmosphere shows huge commitment and passion that Mr. Merck shares with employees and golfers. There are enthusiasm and emotional excitement in every corner of the Golf Lounge. In Germany, the Golf Lounge is one of the best examples of how well both golf and amateur sport can be combined.

All the best for your future! I hope nothing changes!

Willi Hofmann


PuttView: The revolution on the green

The Hamburg start-up Viewlicity GmbH used the latest technology to develop the golf training of the future and will launch it at the Golf Lounge as a world premier. With the help of PuttView, every beginner or advanced golf player can level up his or her putt training. The keyword is “augmented reality” and means overlapping reality with additional virtual information and objects. In opposition to the virtual reality, the user can still experience the real world as it is. Additional information is projected in the direct environment or displayed in the transparent augmented reality lenses like the Microsoft HoloLens. PuttView uses this technology for the golf training, especially for putting: The system measures the putt line in real time and projects it to the floor, directly on the green. The coach navigates and reconfigures PuttView for his students with the help of a tablet, which acts as a remote control. As a partner in the exclusive pilot customer program, PuttView will be used in the Golf Lounge for the first time. Starting in October, even more of those systems will be installed. Soon, both CEOs of Viewlicity GmbH want to make PuttView ready for the green outdoors, displaying the putt line on the augmented reality lenses. The founder of Viewlicity, hobby golfer Christoph Preziger (handicap-3), explains: “I always wondered if there was any way to visualize the putt line.” Together with his partner Lukas Posniak and his team he cooperated with the university of Hamburg. As part of a scholarship for founders that was granted by the ministry of economics and the European union he found a way: PuttView.

“I was psyched immediately when I saw PuttView for the first time and I knew that this system would be interesting for our target groups,” says Peter Merck, CEO of the Golf Lounge, who was the first to try out the system in company with three pilot customers. Since May 1, every golf and technology fan can add on PuttView for another 15 Euros to a personal trainer booking. For members of the Golf Lounge, PuttView is for free.

In the long run, PuttView is going to be enhanced to an all-encompassing system for putt training that will not only visualize information but also measure your progress. “The innovative technology of PuttView enables completely new types of playing golf and makes putt training an exciting event for both player and trainer,” the second Viewlicity founder Posniak adds.


Tested by golf pros

Even golf pros are convinced: “PuttView is much more than just a tool to learn how to read the green. PuttView is a new type of interaction between trainer and player that puts putt training to a whole new level,” says Paul Dyer, senior director of instruction Europe for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Ladies European tour player Florentyna Parker can only confirm: “The visualization that PuttView provides gives you a new feeling for reading the breaks, and interacting with this innovative training system is quite a lot of fun. As a professional, it is very important to be able to practice the right execution of straight putts.

Further press about PuttView:








The sun was shining brightly when over 50 friends of the Golf Lounge met for their first 9-hole tournament of the season in 2016. It was such a great day in top conditions on the golf course of our associate club GC Escheburg. The amazing participants cheerfully ended the day in the Golf Lounge chalet. Many thanks to the committed players and to the thoughtful organizing team. The pictures speak for themselves …


Take a look behind the scenes of the golf club manufactory. We invite you regularly to informative evenings at the workshop of the Clubfactory at the Golf Lounge. Watch how individual clubs are made of “precious metal”, and experience this great event with the experts of the Clubfactory team. For further information, please call 040 – 819 78 79 0 or send us an e-mail to office@clubfactory.de


Just in time for the summer season of 2016, our GolfLoungeJournal is released. It is called Golfheimat and offers many interesting articles round about golfing. For the first time, there will be an e-paper with many links and video clips.


Have fun reading – Your Golf Lounge team

By the way: Our editors are looking forward to comments and tips — next edition will be released in the fall of 2016


To open the season of 2016, over 250 participants came together on the PGA conference in Kassel, Germany. It was an event with many awards and honors at the gala, and quite a few speakers came with news and interesting perspectives for the future of golf and the market for coaches. Owner and CEO of the Golf Lounge Peter Merck emphasized the chances of winning new customers by changing the way pros act in golf facilities as a coach.

While Peter Wolfenstetter and Ulrich Eckhardt personally accepted their awards in the magnificent ballroom of hotel La Strada in Kassel, receiving standing ovations from an audience of 320 guests, the best players of 2015 couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Sandra Gal, as well as Maximilian Kieffer, were caught up in tournament preparations. Marcus Neumann, the board member of the sports division of the German Golf Club, stepped in for Sandra Gal, accepting the award in her name, which she received the second time in a row. Born in Düsseldorf, she qualified for the Solheim Cup through being on the golf world-ranking list and caught attention with her fifth place at the Blue Bay LPGA. At the Solheim Cup in St. Leon-Rot she made 2.5 points and gave golf fans goosebumps at the first tee like she did before at the legendary “Kraken” in the middle of the audience. The USA won the cup but Sandra Gal advertised a great deal for the sport of golf, not only at this event.

Maximilian Kieffer sent his thanks via video message and was very happy about his second award. In 2013, the tour player from Bergisch-Gladbach won the player-of-the-year-award for the first time. This time, his parents Heike and Walter accepted the prize in his name. In 2015, Kieffer didn’t win on the European Tour but he had four top ten results, e.g., a shared third place at the Nordea Masters. Al in all, he played a strong season: The 25-year-old reached the final days of the Porsche European Open in Bad Griesbach by playing two 68-rounds and accomplished his 22nd cut in a row — a record on the European Tour 2015. Maximilian Kieffer was a perfect example of continuity on a very high level. He made the most out of his tour card and proved yet again that he is one of the best golf players in the world by being ranked number 55 in the Race to Dubai. This is the reason why the members of the PGA of Germany crowned him PGA player of the year 2015.


The Golf Lounge attended the HanseGolf of 2016: Keynote speech by Nils, Jessica and Jack with the topic “The Fear of Every Golfer” — safety and fun at the game through continuous skill building.

The season of 2016 is about to begin and like every year, the kick-off event is the biggest golf fair of Northern Germany: the Hanse Golf took place on the first weekend in February for the 14th time. Being there is everything — this year, golf is an Olympic discipline again and because of that, a huge number of visitors came to the Hamburg Messe (fair and congress center) to find out more innovations and trends about the tiny white ball and to try out, test and shop. On 8500 square meters, 180 exhibitors represented the complete spectrum of the world of golf: equipment, apparel, clubs, lifestyle or wonderful golf resorts — everything you could wish for was offered. To try out golfing and to test the equipment, there were a number of indoor driving ranges, simulators and putting greens. Even Hamburg city’s honor could be defended when the popular city contest against Munich was held. The Northerners made 20.400 hard-to-beat points. Munich will challenge the winner on the following weekend at the Munich Golf Days. The varied program was rounded off by presentations and lectures at the event space.

The young pros of the Golf Lounge wouldn’t miss the chance. In an entertaining lecture, Jessica Schönfelder, Nils Schickedanz, and Jack Sharman proverbially passed the balls to each other and explained how “the fear of every golfer” could be overcome by targeted, individually aligned training, bringing back lightheartedness and security into the game. Instead of consulting a mental coach, you go on the range or the green. The problem is self-doubt, insecurity, and negative thoughts or just fear. Buzz words for the solution: Analyzing, determination, security, swing, and acceptance. The approach is to encourage awareness in every training. Deliberating thoughtfully about swing and practice are the key factors that will build up sound golf skills. Along with practice, routine and experience will grow and along with that more security, which will enable the golfer to play under a diversity of conditions.

Analyzing means that you become aware of the kind of challenge that lies ahead of you. This asks for a certain swing technique or club. The golf player builds up a certain repertoire of techniques and knowledge and can decide how and with which club he will execute the swing, which skills the action calls for and what other things he has to be aware of. The deliberate decision for choosing an action is determination. Security and swing are the crux of the matter: a well-trained golfer who knows all about his or her abilities will feel more secure about executing the swing successfully. Clearly, the room for insecurity shrinks. He or she will deliberately decide to swing this or that way.

Mistakes are precious. They belong to the learning curve. Crucial for progress is to take it easy and not be discouraged by them. Only then, you can use them strategically to learn from them. This is meant by the last buzz word — acceptance. Acceptance also manifests with increasing security. In every phase of the training, there are times when it feels like you are at the end of your wisdom and failure is inevitable. It is essential to accept those phases and just keep on playing.

Practice makes perfect — building up a repertoire of secure swings, the mental storage space from which the golfer chooses his or her swing will take time but will grow out of both, success and failure. Some techniques are easier to learn, some take a lot more practice. The learning curve is not a straight line and highly individual. Training on the driving range is perfect. Routine and specific motions can be practiced until they manifest subconsciously and will be retrieved automatically. Just like you will never forget how to ride your bike, you won’t lose those abilities. What stays is the fun in the game.



Welcome back to the Golf Lounge!

Since February 5, 2016, Dan Briant is back at the Golf Lounge as a fully qualified PGA coach. Up until March, his Welcome Special is for sale – 6 times single training for 350 €. Welcome in the academy team!


Bleisure or why golf clubs are part of the digitized work environment of the future.

Business before pleasure — a well-known phrase, Martina Bongartz proved to be obsolete when she held her active lecture at the After Work Golf: “Bleisure” is the magic word, putting together business and leisure, work and life. She developed a concept for CEOs and shows methods on how to integrate your private passion for golf into your work routine constructively and efficiently. As a result, Martina Bongartz’s clients show an increase of performance in both areas.

Today’s work environments are changing. In times of digitalization, the conditions and requirements of those who make the decisions are changing. Not only do hierarchies and team structures become more flexible, even factors like workplace and time are not bound to strict standards anymore. This also means that the borders of your free time become blurrier. There is often no time to work out. Bleisure uses the parallels between golf and business and creates intelligent synergies of both work and precious lifetime. Thus, it is essential for a healthy work-life-balance.

In the coaching part of her lecture, Martina Bongartz showed her clients how they could combine strategic tasks with putt training — and how to improve both. The activity lifts your spirits and promotes blood circulation. The brain especially benefits from that. It is a scientific fact that, even in old age, the brain can form new synapses when stimulated the right way. The mind is free, the thinking process improves and creativity evolves. New ideas are being created and the best of all: thought-through results emerge. In addition to this, you practice motion patterns for putting. This will show next time on the green.

Martina Bongartz is CEO of http://www.m4success.eu and knows what she is talking about. Being a long-term manager in IT, she knows about the different challenges of the digitized economy and above that, is a very passionate and successful golf player.


For 10 years now, Peter Merck and his team inspire people to play golf.

Until now, 100 million balls had been teed off at the Golf Lounge, 4000 participants of the trial golf course had fallen for the fascination of golf. As an event location in Hamburg, the Golf Lounge is not an insider’s tip anymore. In the last year alone, over 400 events were organized and realized by more than 16.000 happy customers.

The anniversary weekend was perfect in every possible way: 2500 guests witnessed a first class agenda on three stages and enjoyed the offer at many game and food stops. The most beautiful autumn sun accompanied exciting lectures and many musical acts. The bring-a-friend-special was a great success: every guest was allowed to bring family and friends to try out golf for free. The Golf Lounge motto “We make Golfers” became serious and up until the anniversary weekend, the Golf Lounge made 500 more golfers!

On both days, top-class golf coaches held speeches, who came to Hamburg from every part of the country. Selected food trucks provided our guests with eco-friendly burgers, sweet and savory crepes and vegan specialties. On top, the Golf Lounge team spoiled their guests with a delicious BBQ. We also wouldn’t miss out on great golfing games for all ages, like the father-and-son-challenge or ladies golf, which were both very popular. Live-teachings, as well as golf trends and innovations, were part of the program, too. If you wanted to relax you could do so in the warm sun at the beach club.

Since this year, Hamburg is all about the Olympics and the Golf Lounge was on fire because of that. At the charity event for the promotion of Hamburg’s athletes and sports clubs, XXXX Euros were collected! Guests could also take their pictures at the selfie station, standing next to Olympians like Maja Lindholm (Wheelchair Basketball), Franziska Kreutzer (Rowing) and Markus Deibler (Swimming).

The birthday song by Lotto King Karl made this wonderful weekend perfect.


The resting thought for the academy team at the end of this forum for trainers was that the passion about this sport is the most important thing in our jobs. It means to have passion for your own game as well as the ability to pass this passion for golf to your students.

After many top-class coaches that already had held a speech in our forum for trainers, this evening, Tim Cusick gave us insight into his very own philosophy on how to teach golf. For many years, he worked with Hank Haney and taught classes at the Four Season Resort and Club in Dallas, Texas. So, therefore, his lecture was in another language but his passion filled up the room and you could feel it even on the live-coaching area. In analyzing one’s swing, Tim focuses on four essential issues: The launch angle, the ball flight, the centricity of the steep attack and the steep attack angle. Those would be the approaches in every swing practice. Very simple but effective!

In a short talk up-front, he told us what really motivated him on a daily basis and how he educated himself. We talked about the American golf industry and what makes a golf course of the future, in his opinion. He was impressed by the concept of the Golf Lounge: It is a place where the training is a lot of fun and passion connects people!

Thank you, Tim, for coming by and for your great speech!

Your Golf Lounge Academy Team

For further insight:



Christoph Herrmann is one of Germany’s top coaches and has won many team championships and awards. Last week he visited the Golf Lounge and presented his strategies and lines of thought being a golf trainer and coach. Interacting with the audience, a lot of questions could be answered. After the speech, the guests could take part in the very popular practical part where Herrmann gave training tips and put his students to a test.

Christoph Herrmann sees himself as a coach. His work is about more than just the usual technique-oriented teaching. Herrmann is convinced that state-of-the-art golf coaching is about a holistic supervision of the development of his players. At the after-work event, he talked about his experiences and observations as a trainer. In Germany, in 170.000 golf players, you’d find only 1 tour pro. In international comparison, this is not enough by far but also quite startling, he says. When he meets other PGA trainers from different countries they almost always mention the good education programs that are offered in Germany. Most of the tour pros, compared to the total number of golfers, are from countries that have no explicit educational program for golfers like the Scandinavian countries, Spain or Italy. In those countries, the training is more individual and practicing autonomously plays a big part for the successful development of a player.

In Germany the lessons are often overloaded with technique, the same motion patterns are repeated again and again until you know them by heart. Both are important and very useful, even Herrmann must admit. Nonetheless, after reaching a certain level, the training should be more diverse. The goal is to be able to perform under any circumstances. And you can do that because you internalized the movements and you vary between them.

Diverse training methods enable advanced players to further develop their biomechanics. If you vary your movements you can test out different alternatives. This way, any player can find his or her individual way to swing and bring it to perfection. The training is all about trial and error. Mistakes are necessary and are even provoked in the training.

Beginners learn the basics first. Thus, stereotypical tasks are useful but you can sense an individual trademark very soon. Christoph Herrmann puts a lot of work in finding out about the natural game of his students to make them happy golfers.


The Golf Lounge is “on fire” and does its bit for the Olympics: young people from 10 to 15 years of age can play golf for free twice a week.

Being excited for the Olympics of 2024, Hamburg could convince the committees and was chosen to make the bid to host the games in Germany. Preparations to win the bid for the biggest sports event in the world are already in full swing. The support of Hamburg’s people is the linchpin of the city’s success for the Olympics in 2024.

Even the Golf Lounge is on fire and supports the bid with a lot of effort: the initiative “kids train for the Olympics” is a way to inspire people for golf as an Olympic discipline and to give children the opportunity to learn all about this sport.

Twice a week, kids between 10 and 15 years of age can play on 100 training areas at the Golf Lounge. This offer stands throughout the year and is for free!

Once a year, there is a talent scouting initiated by the Hamburg Golf Association. Promising talents will receive recommendations to play for regional golf clubs.

In groups up to 8 kids and one trainer, the young golfers learn the basics in a playful manner, get a feeling for the ball and learn the differences of the golf clubs. The general body fitness plays a part, too. After a warm-up, this time with an obstacle course and Olympic rings for Hula-hoops, kids take weekly changing lessons in putting, chipping, pitching and bunker training. They also love the games at the end of every training. They play hockey, rounders or soccer. Those sports also train coordination and just give them the opportunity to romp around.

Golf Lounge pro coach Jack Sharman was raised with golf in his home country of England. He is hoping that also in Germany, young people will get to know this sport and will be inspired by golf. He says that the Golf Lounge is the perfect place to do so. The kids come from every part of town. They actually caught the golf fever and are already excited about it. We are on the right path, Jack thinks because having fun is the most important thing. Just register under mail@golflounge.de and save yourself one of the 100 spots!


“Hit & win — free your mind with this razor-sharp hit” was the title of Stefanie Eckrodt’s lecture, a PGS golf pro & coach. This theme is also part of her training concept “hit&win,” which she presented last Wednesday as one of the few lady professionals on one of our inspiring After Work Specials at the Golf Lounge. Connecting body and mind help the player to swing with confidence while just having fun golfing.

Stefanie Eckrodt doesn’t think much of just following one’s advice without reflection. She encourages her students to reduce overthinking. Those who’d let their mind run free and trust their body instincts while they swing would play confidently. You wouldn’t be discouraged by well-meant corrections, then. You knew instantly if a swing was good, right at that moment when you hit it. Right there, you needed to be determined and hit the ball without hesitation or restraints.

Her mental based concept is adaptable to other areas of your life. Thus, it is often requested as part of a company coaching. Step by step, Stefanie Eckrodt developed her philosophy while still playing as a professional golfer. Constantly aiming for better results, the triple world champion and national player always observed, and reflected her own training and game. This is how she developed the essential elements of her concept.

The special movements patterns in golf, says Eckrodt, are too complex to just take on blindly the ones your trainer wants you to learn. The player’s own senses will tell him what to do. With experience, the own body will learn how to read the signals effectively that will help you to become aware of the right way of standing, the right posture and movement. Her role as a golf trainer is to sharpen her student’s senses and not to give them advice – WoMenPower.

Besides a certain body sensation or image it is self-evident and necessary to understand what this is all about. As you may notice, being a communication expert, she is interested in semantics. Language can be used as an instrument for personal development. Her advice is to notice the exact meaning of a word. For example, the term “golf club“ (in German “Golfschläger,” “golf beater”) doesn’t mean that you execute a certain swing but that you can just hit the ball the way it feels right for you. In the same manner, Stefanie Eckrodt talks about the English golf terms. Those who translate the words one-to-one will understand what chip, pitch, punch, clean or fat are all about or why you need a wedge. Stefanie Eckrodt is excited to bring her philosophy across and constantly reassured herself in vivid dialogues, if she had made herself clear. Clarity is truth. Her sparks flew, and participants couldn’t wait to get started with the practical part of the evening, finding out more about this new approach. Maybe the most helpful tip this evening was: Don’t give yourself too much trouble in training!


National coach, TV host, Playing Pro, Head Pro at the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot – Frank Adamowicz can look back on an amazing career. In a very informative and entertaining speech, he talked about his coaching concept in the After Work Special of the Golf Lounge on Wednesday. To make himself clear, he gave many examples of the professional world. You could tell that he had a great time interacting with his audience. Easy-going and cheerful, he let his listeners be part of the lecture, asked questions and told funny stories here and there.

Frank Adamowicz is one of the most successful golf instructors in Germany. He doesn’t have a method but treats every student individually. Dealing with different kinds of people is what fascinates Frank Adamowicz at his profession. To respond correctly to each personality, figuring out how to approach each student, this is the formula for his success as a golf teacher.

He begins his story at the very beginning of his career. 46 years ago, Frank Adamowicz started as a caddy at one of Hamburg’s golf clubs and was inspired by this sport, immediately. His feel for the game and coaching was soon discovered and his wish to be a golf coach was born. He grew up in a working-class family, and his idea seemed to be quite foolish and wasn’t taken very seriously. The 16-year-old Frank held on to his intentions and pulled through. He did three years of training for being a golf instructor and finished, entering a subsequent residency right after.

Since he doesn’t follow strict methods in his lessons, he can address each student very individually. He must do something right, being the most successful golf teacher in Germany. This meant for him that he couldn’t apply any concept but had to use his toolbox of experience.

Actually, the first handshake with a student gives Adamowicz a good first impression. The handshake tells a lot about a new student, or about the special state of physical and mental being on a day of any other student he already knows. Every person is different, just like every day is. The perception of the handshake helps to find out, where to start with one student and what approach seems to be the best on the given day. Adamowicz knows that sometimes it is of more use to slow down after a stressful day or drive than to start with the training, directly.

So, Adamowicz focuses on one student and approaches him almost “all-embracing”. His ability to observe, helps to find the right approach to optimize the game. He focuses on the strengths of the player, which is a surprising, and as Frank himself finds, “un-german” angle. Everyone wants to improve by working on your weaknesses. The philosophy of Adamowicz is the other way around: “Strengths are supported, you deal with weaknesses later.”

He knows what he is doing — not only his success in golf clubs of Frankfurt and St. Leon-Rot speaks for him. In the practical part after his speech, participants of the After Work Special could show their swings to the top-coach. He would give them tips and show tricks on how to improve. This is what Frank Adamowicz loves about his job: finding out how to reach a person in the most useful way and follow his or her improvements.


• Miniature golf: a classic for families, now in large-scale

• Enjoy the sun: BBQ at the beach club

• The chalet: experience this up-and-coming restaurant trend in Hamburg

Having children, you know: weekend trips with the family can be a lot of fun but also become an ordeal. Shopping trip: kids are whining. Going to the restaurant: kids are bored. Playground: parents are bored. A successful weekend for both parents and children must offer a diversity of activities. Kids can romp around, parents have an active break from their everyday routine.

In the spring of 2015, the Golf Lounge focused on making their services even more attractive. A number of interesting offers, especially for kids and young adults, are a gateway to golf and a lot of fun — in a family atmosphere.

“Little pirates” on a big mission: the 9-hole miniature golf course

The family classic per se is miniature golf. The Golf Lounge offers the perfect atmosphere for an active joint venture because the whole family can play on the large-scale 9-hole miniature golf course with artificial turf. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced golfer: a trip to the Golf Lounge suits every performance level. Combined with entertainment, fun and conviviality in a sympathetic atmosphere, “Pirates golf” is the ideal destination for a family trip. Only 5 minutes away from the city center, the urban golf course is more than just a training ground.

The current Golf Lounge Spring Special: two adults pay and the whole family plays along.

A day on the shore: trip to the beach club

Put your feet in the sand and enjoy a cool drink: beach clubs are Hamburg landmarks just like the rivers Elbe and Alster. Experience active beach feeling in the fine white sand at the Golf Lounge beach club. The beach club season starts in April and the daily offers are a beach hut with catering, a cocktail bar and the 9-hole miniature golf course right next door — relax and have fun. Many highlights and activities like the BBQ will make for an exciting family trip for both parents and children.

Hamburg’s restaurant trend no. 1: The destination “ElbAlm” (Elbe hut)

The latest restaurant trend in Hamburg is rustic coziness, in the style of the huts they have in the Alps. Parties in this atmosphere are known to be very social and warm. “Après-ski”-parties are quite popular and not for nothing. The exceptional “ElbAlm” at the Golf Lounge combines this atmosphere with the golf experience. In the rustic ambiance, white beer, the savory buffet and BBQ taste twice as good. The chalet is the location for different events, birthday and summer celebrations, and let’s not forget Christmas parties. The domestic atmosphere provides a very personal and unforgettable frame for the whole family. Even in the summer, the chalet at the Golf Lounge opens its doors — quite literally. It works because we just take off the sidewalls, so that you can party at the beach club, regardless of the weather.

Golf Lounge: Golf and party in the heart of the Hanseatic City

The beach club is not the only reason for the Golf Lounge being Europe’s most modern urban driving range on three areas: It grew to be the town’s most exceptional event location — just 5 minutes away from the Elbe! Right at the Elbbrücken (Elbe bridges), golf and events are combined perfectly — for those who are just interested in golf, for beginners, advanced players and the whole family. Besides sports, it is all about entertainment, having fun and meeting people in a very personal and family atmosphere. Through its wide range of offers and alongside the state-of-the-art, innovative training platform, the Golf Lounge is the perfect location for atmospheric events, office and private parties. At the Golf Lounge, only a few minutes away from work, you can enjoy “a day at the beach” with co-workers, business partners, customers and your family. This feels like vacation and will make the summer party an unforgettable memory. Vivid talks at the beach bar or relaxing hours in a deckchair, culinary highlights off the grill or joint golf experiences at the tee — there is something for every taste. With this all-embracing approach, the Golf Lounge wants to make it super easy and fun for people to try out golf and fascinate its visitors without restrictions.


This Wednesday at the Golf Lounge, the German coaching legend Frank Adamowicz will talk about his philosophy at the After Work Special and give useful insider’s tips. The long-term national and club trainer of the DGV is one of Germany’s top-coaches. Nine times he was able to lead his club St. Leon-Rot and the Frankfurt Golf Club to win the championship in the German national league (Bundesliga). Adamowicz looks back on a 45-year-long career. Starting as a caddy, he was trained to be a coach himself and became a pro, playing for the national golf team. For the PGA of Germany, Frank Adamowicz acts as a coach and gives speeches for trainings. In the years from 2008-2010, he was elected to place 5 of the “Teacher of the Year” award. In 2010, GOLF TIME awarded him place 4 of the best coaches in Germany. While he coached a lot of pros, Adamowicz shares his knowledge about golf writing books and co-hosting on TV. His passion and expertise are a very personalized training. He plays golf with heart and soul, he says. His trademarks are two approaches: strategy and the individuality of a player. During his long career, he made the experience that many golfers focus on improving their technique. Doing so, they take less care about game strategy and course management — the result is that they play a lot worse than they would with the right plan. On top of that is the importance of a player’s individuality that plays a huge role in Frank Adamowicz opinion. The concept of the training should be tailor-made for every student. There are just a few basics that could be taught in one and the same way. After that, everyone should develop his or her personal style. Frank Adamowicz shares his knowledge and experience in a refreshingly simple, uncomplicated way and is very close to practice. In his opinion and above of it all, the fun to play golf should never fall short. He is not interested in the handicap of his students — be it beginner, national player or pro. For him, just to witness the improvements that are a result of his work is a great experience.


The golf swing is as unique as the player and the ideal execution depends on a number of factors, like body height and weight, limb proportion and flexibility, just to name a few. To support the complex process of movements, the club has to be fitted to all those features. In the After Work Special, fitting expert Tim Tippelt of the Clubfactory shows the participants how even little adjustments of the weight of the club head, of the handle or shaft can have immense effects on speed, length, and precision. The Clubfactory knows best how to deal with those highly individual requirements to create the perfect golf club. The standard is to create clubs that fit their player, and not the other way around. The golf clubs that are being made in the Clubfactory are tailor-made and thus, always unique. Swing and material experts work together closely. Regardless of whether it is a new production or personalized set of clubs, the Clubfactory evaluates body features of the player and measures the biomechanics that is at work in the swing. This takes almost an hour. The associate factory from Japan delivers the material for the club heads. On the Elbe, they manufacture the tediously measured clubs in many further steps. All that bundled knowledge that you need for this precise craftsmanship is generated at a special research and development unit in Lüneburg. And it pays off because the fitter’s ability and experience are essential for the quality of the fitting. „Everyone’s swing is unique. For that, you have to find the matching club. For us, fitting means to find a club that takes the physical features of the golfer into account and supports it, following biomechanical rules,” Tim explains. Trying out several test clubs with different adjustment in the head and shaft, the participants could feel the differences those adjustments made on their swing. They experimented with head and shaft adjustments until they found the right combination. Those who really want to tap one’s full potential won’t get around the fitting. This offer is not only for ambitious golfers or pros. Also beginners can have an ideal start into golfing by finding a perfectly fitted set of golf clubs. Since the summer of 2014, you find the glass building of the Clubfactory on the premise of the Golf Lounge, where you can test the clubs on the spot. CEO Peter Merck is very happy about this collaboration: “Quality is of upmost importance — regardless of whether we talk about teaching lessons, workout possibilities or events. We are always looking for the best for our members and customers. This is why we are proud that Michael Ziesniss found a new home at our place with his Clubfactory. Now, we are yet again in the fore with our clubs.“


“I’ve rarely seen such a talented golf player who could adapt to any condition and who also knew exactly when she wouldn’t have to adapt but just execute the swing automatically,” says Michael Zieseniss, CEO of the Clubfactory. He is talking about Alexandra Försterling, the up-and-coming German golf talent. The 15-year-old came to Hamburg last week, just to be fitted at the Clubfactory, a partner of the Golf Lounge. The girl from Berlin aspires to be a pro and is a member of the Junior Team Germany and was called to play in Team Europe for the Junior Ryder Cup last year. Alexandra was accompanied by national trainer Sebastian Rühl and her home trainer Daniel Mertl when she tried out several irons at the tee in the Golf Lounge. After this intensive fitting, our visitors posed cheerfully for great souvenir photos. Now the team of the Club Factory has some work to do, creating the tailor-made set for Alexandra’s bag that will rise to her full potential. The Club Factory is Germany’s biggest independent fitting and production manufactory and found its place on the Golf Lounge premise in the summer of 2014. It is specialized on the production of high-quality clubs that are perfectly fitted to the individual needs of the players and can serve all demands on every level of performance, be it beginner or professional. Best conditions for Alexandra’s dreams of becoming a pro. We keep our fingers crossed!


Three times three plus fade and draw make eleven different ball flights. Who remembered to multiply before adding, clearly had an advantage at the After Work Special that was all about holistic training. The Leader of the Golf Lounge Academy, Marc Schlenker, explained the interaction of technique, grip, posture and motion pattern in his entertaining lecture, that he held before at the Hanse Golf. Like always, there was also a goody waiting for the guests at the end of the lecture: We gave away three VIP premier seat tickets for a game of the HSV valued 800 Euros each. Food wise we took care of our guests by serving drinks and the kitchen also prepared a little something.

“Golf is simple,” says Marc. You only have to know four basic movements to realize the different ball flights with the respective iron: body rotation; that means the rotation of hip and shoulder, arm rotation, the angle of your wrists and the swing of the arm.

To correctly execute those movements, you need to be flexible in a certain way. Those tips were checked out by the audience, immediately: The shoulder rotation and the rotation of the hips reminded one or the other of the good old chicken dance but made every participant aware of their personal range of motion. When it is limited in any way, you can change it very easily by simply changing the way you stand, for example.

The coach can give fine-tuned advice, so just ask him in your next lesson. Depending on your grip you can aim for one of the eleven possible ball flights, that were mentioned before:

Here, we overview the basics of golf:

Hitting the ball straight to the target:

– Hook: the ball turns left after starting on a straight line

– Slice: the balls turns right

– Straight: the ball stays in a straight line

Hitting the ball to the right of the target

– Push hook: the balls starts out to the right, then curves hard left

– Pull slice: the balls starts right of target and curves farther right

– Push: the ball starts out right of the target line, and continues on the right on a straight line

Hitting the ball to the left of the target line

– Pull hook: the ball starts to the left of the target line and curves further to the left

– Pull slice: The ball starts to the left and then curves to the right

– Pull: the ball starts to the left of the target line and continues left on a straight line.

Draw: the ball starts to the right, then turns left, and arrives at the target

Fade: the ball starts to the left, then turns right, and arrives at the target


Be better, be faster, go further — those aims are ambitious, but your schedule is already full. High aspirations, as well as increased work load in your professional and private everyday routine, can sap your energy and lead to burnout syndrome. On last Wednesday in the Golf Lounge, there was a lecture being held by life coach Meike von Lienen in front of a big audience about this total mental and physical exhaustion. She talked about who was in danger of suffering from it, which signals you should take seriously and which kinds of therapy but also prevention are in order. Meike von Lienen knows what she is talking about. Being an executive in a big company or as a mother of three children, she went through the experience of being overstrained. She knows how important the balance is between what you want to achieve and how much you can handle. Burnout, she says, typically hits enthusiast, thinkers and those who commit to helping others. The illness has many different physical symptoms but also presents itself in a decrease of performance, lack of concentration and lethargy. For healing as well as for prevention, a lot of rest and relaxation are necessary. Golfing offers perfect conditions for that matter. To take a break from your everyday routine, to focus and to blend out all unnecessary, all this is essential for executing a clean swing. Meike von Lienen emphasizes that also the fun that you have in golf goes hand in hand with the healing process. On the green as well as at the tee off, you should take the chance to let your thoughts flow, to learn how not to be disturbed by your environment or other golfers and downsize the demands you have towards yourself. Following this advice, your mind will be free to enjoy the hours you spent with the ball. There is even a study by the scientist Dr. Petra Sommer who proved the healing powers of golf when it came to burnout syndrome. Over a span of five years, she surveyed the number of hormones in golfers and could prove the increase of dopamine and serotonin, the “hormones of happiness and relaxation“. It is entirely efficient to hit a few balls at the driving range to begin the recovery verifiably. After this pleasing lookout, we started an inspiring Q&A in a small circle at the Lounge. The cherry on top were free tickets to the Hanse Golf of 2015 for every participant.


Finally, the time has come to start the biggest golf trade show in Northern Germany and start a new season of golf. From the 12th to the 15th of February, in over 180 booths in the halls of the Hamburger Messe, the Hanse Golf presents the latest news and trends in golf equipment, traveling and club supplies. Year after year, the number of visitors grows, there were 15.000 last year, and this proves the sustained interest in golf in Hamburg.

Following our motto “we make golfers“, there will be an exclusive Golf Lounge special of this year’s start of the season. As an extra to the beginning of the Hanse Golf, we offer the attractive bring-a-friend initiative: Bring a friend to our golf trial or Platzreife course and take a free lesson with one of our pro coaches! Surprise your friend and register for a class of golf — Let’s go!

Perfect for beginners, participants learn the basics of golf in our trial course. If you tasted blood, your can stay in the game and learn new techniques and the necessary golf rules and decorum in the Platzreife course. Both courses are timely flexible and are offered throughout the year. The Golf Lounge offers perfect conditions to start with golf in the middle of the city. Only five minutes by car from the Alster, you find Germany’s only urban driving range. The most modern facility is equipped with innovative training tools to enhance your technique and offers 40 tee on three areas with a spectacular Elbe view. Visitors can just start to play golf without dress-code or range fee and be inspired by golf or work on their swing intensively. Last but not least, there is the After Work Lounge, that offers a unique atmosphere every Wednesday starting at 6 o’clock, and is a welcome and cheerful event for Hamburg during the week. There is a reason for that: the mood is informal and personal. The Golf Lounge team knows their guests and how to create a warm and welcoming but still exuberant atmosphere. You can have great conversations at the bar; there is always laughter and chatting. The audience is a mix of club members, regulars or walk-in guests — they are old hands in golf or beginners. The After Work Golf is a welcome opportunity to enjoy your free time with known and new faces, hit a few balls or work on your swing, even during the winter.

Because the Golf Lounge’s 10-year anniversary in the late summer of 2015, the Golf Lounge will not be a presenter at the Hanse Golf trade show. But we wish all of the exhibitors and visitors a great time at the trade show and lot of excitement about golfing!


Year after year: The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder. Winter is coming. Time to tuck you in a warm and cozy blanket and wait for spring? No way! Remember, Christmas time is the most beautiful time of the year. Especially for golf lovers. Because if you like to play golf, you can just continue in the Golf Lounge, in a very wintry Christmassy atmosphere: from the sheltered and heated tee off boxes on three areas, you hit the balls on festively lit greens. In the evening you can join the company of old and new friends with a cup of mulled wine in front of the crackling fireplace. On Wednesdays, we have the After Work Lounge, starting at 6 pm, that grew to be a famous and favorite event for Hamburg’s “working class“. There is a reason for that: the mood is informal and personal. The Golf Lounge team knows their guests and how to create a warm and welcoming but still exuberant atmosphere. You can have great conversations at the bar; there is always laughter and chatting. The audience is a mix of club members, regulars or walk-in guests — they are old hands in golf or beginners. The After Work Golf is a welcome opportunity to enjoy your free time with known and new faces, hit a few balls or work on your swing, even during the winter. Like out of a winter fairy tale are the VIP boxes in the third area. They build the exclusive background for private or professional events that will form long-lasting memories. Sports events are perfectly combined with culinary pleasures. The festively decorated tables, including grill station and radiant heater right next to the tee, offer absolute coziness for both adults and kids. So, one thing is very clear; even the infant golf offspring is allowed to party. The winter season of 2014 was a great success, and the Golf Lounge team is very proud. In more than 60 successful events in November and December, we could spoil our guests excessively. We have a lot to offer to our party crowd: Christmas trees, light chains, fire baskets, outdoor grill and the chalet right in the middle — it is the wintry little gem of the Golf Lounge and the optimal location for many Christmas parties. In savory Bavarian buffets or our winter BBQ and white beer, cocktails and mulled wine, you sit on rustic wooden benches, eat excessively and party hard afterward! Outside, there is Björn, the “all-purpose weapon“ of the Golf Lounge, who provides you with food that is fried to the point after coaching the party crowd on the Pirate’s golf course in pitching and putting. For many participants of the chalet-magic-events, it is the first time to play golf. During the activity program before dinner, they can try out golf on the 9-hole pirates course, practice first swings and get fascinated by golf under the supervision of a professional golfer. After this experience, many of them start with a new athletic passion into the new year!


There was great chalet magic at the end of the golf season in 2014. Antje and Björn invited all participants of the Golf Lounge Challenge Tournament series and the successful alumni of the Golf Lounge Platzreife course to meet at the cozy chalet. After a short shoot-out on the Pirate’s course, we drank a toast to the beautiful tournament season of 2014 with free beer and a savory Leberkässemmel (meat loaf in a bun). In every tournament of this year’s Golf Lounge Challenge, you could prove your short-game-greatness in the chipping contest “Nearest-to-the-Lederhosn“. This evening, the overall winner was awarded. The winner was golf talent Alex, who played in many of the Golf Lounge’s tournaments and reduced his handicap heavily. Congratulations Alex! Oh well, it was so cozy in the chalet! The only thing missing was a light snowfall and we would have fallen into Christmas spirits yet again. This way, many already dream about the next tournament season. We hope it will be as long and sunny as the super season of 2014.


After the topics shoulder, hip and spine we talked about the knee, this evening. It is the biggest joint of the human body and causes problems not only in golfing. „Is there anyone who has never had a pain in the knee?“, Uwe Harste, head of the „Healthy-Monday-lectures“, provocatively asks his audience at the beginning of his speech. Of course, none of the participants raised his hand — so it is a problem that almost everyone is familiar with. Dr. Werner Siekmann, orthopedist, and knee specialist, explained the functions of the joint with the help of his physiotherapist Thomas Horre — taking on different approaches. Interesting: If you just bend your knees at a 90° angle, your knee has to carry seven times your body weight. That is the reason why experts warn amateur athletes of doing very low squats. But fortunately, those are unusual in golf anyway. Golf is known to be gentle on the knee. „If a golfer has trouble in the knee then, being right handed, usually in the left knee,” golf pro Timo Lehnert explains. Because this knee has to attenuate the whole power of the swing. For tour pros especially, who reach very high club head speeds, this is quite a force. You might know about the problems and numerous surgeries of Tiger Woods, which he had mainly done on his left knee.

Amateur golfers on the other hand often suffer from an instability of the knee that makes a round and clean backswing quite hard. If you have problems like that, you can work miracles by targeted muscle training, following a proper medical check-up of course. „I recommend golf-appropriate exercises,” Timo Lehnert expresses. Those could be light squats like in the address position. „You can even use weights if you like,” „knee doctor“ Werner Siekmann adds.


Dream weather at the Golf Lounge Club Championships of 2014 on Gut Apeldör: astonishing 18 degrees Celsius, in bright sunlight and great conditions, the 35 participants went on the green — on the 1st and 2nd of November! This is what the Indian summer is like in Schleswig-Holstein and shows how lucky the Golf Lounge is when it comes to tournaments and the weather. Following the tradition, we started on Saturday, leaving the Golf Lounge by bus. Although, the Club Championships on Gut Apeldör started differently this year: The 9-hole of the Big 9 was played with oversized holes. It was a great alternative to the wintergreen and a big plus for the game speed. All who like playing just for fun and especially those who appreciate playing golf in a group will love the big holes. Golf Lounge CEO Peter Merck integrated this little surprise on purpose to raise the attention for the Golf Lounge fun tournaments of 2015. Following the results, we could generate the starting list for the handicap 18-hole tournament on the „Big Apple“ course on Sunday. Sandra and Frank are the new club champion with 6 gross points for Sandra and 17 for Frank. They both play for the Golf Lounge. The net score went to Alex with 37, Hagen with 38 and Thomas with splendid 53 points.

In addition to the athletic highlights, it is mainly the nice and personal atmosphere that provide the charm of the Golf Lounge tournaments. We are all humans here, and you notice that the participants also play with a lot of heart. Just like our new club champions Sandra and Frank who were awarded generously at the ceremony. Big thanks to our sponsors and the team Apeldör and Dieter Worms who provided us with a perfect weekend. Peter Merck: “We will come again soon.“


80 percent of the Healthy Monday participants said they had back pain while golfing once in a while. That is not surprising: having back troubles is Germany’s widespread disease number one. Thus, it is not surprising that many golfers have troubles in this area after a game. The focus of today’s event was: the spine. „Back pain in golfing usually stems from the sacroiliac joint,“ knows Dr. Lutz Simon, sports orthopedist from Hamburg. This joint, which is limited in flexibility, combines the spine with the pelvis in the lower back. „If it is irritated, you have the typical pain in the buttocks that can radiate into your thighs,“ Dr. Simon explains. But why is it irritated? „It could come from a hollow back while being in the address position,“ says Uwe Harste, experienced sports physiotherapist, and shows it to the group. When you arch your back too much, the medical term is lordosis; there are inconvenient torques and shear forces at work that press on the lower back while you do the backswing. That can lead to irritations of the intervertebral joints and the sacroiliac joint. Golf Pro Timo Lehnert then demonstrated a back-friendly address position: from the extreme hollow back, that practically blocks the back, one tilts the pelvis slightly back until the flexibility is restored. This address position usually also feels much more pleasant. Often, the extreme hollow-back leads to a much severe problem: it is called „reverse spine angle“ when you bend back your upper back in the back swing. „Most of the time, that happens involuntarily when the golfer has troubles with the right rotation of the upper back and wants to avoid the body tension,“ Timo Lehnert explains. Reverse spine angle is the main reason for back troubles in golfing. That is all the more reason to train your swing with a medically trained golf Pro and one of the best ways to prevent back pain in golf. Uwe Harste demonstrated another one: effective exercises to train the core muscles. Because if you train your core you not only have less back problems but you have even more success and fun while playing golf.

The next Healthy Monday will be held on November 11 at 7 pm. Topic: the knee.


It was the last Tiger & Rabbit tournament of the Golf Lounge in the golf season of 2014. Great blue skies and summer temperatures were the conditions in which 19 participants went on the public green in Siek/Ahrensburg. People with high handicaps started on the 9-hole short game course, led by organizer Björn. The other golfers with handicaps above -36 played on the „big“ 9-hole course. But we found that also this one was far from being easy to master: The round was full of well-placed bunkers, a high rough and surprisingly many water hazards, in which the ball easily rolled into. But in golf, you shouldn’t get angry but be happy that you can play in a tournament with nice flight partners on such a perfect day. Plus, you can already look forward to the highlight of the season: The Golf Lounge club championships on November 1 and 2 on the great course of Gut Apeldör. Don’t forget to register in time! The starting list fills up very quickly.


This year’s Gourmet Cup was a hit and a grand athletic performance in every possible way. Last Saturday in Deinste was a sight for the gods: in the late morning, some very Austrian looking golfers under Austrian white and blue skies met for a fun tournament of a third kind. You not only had to master a normal Chapman-Four but play an Austrian Chapman-Four in costume, some other chicaneries and Austrian gags that came along with it. Our star guests Manfred and Toni, who traveled to Hamburg from Felix, Austria, just for this event, provided for that, and took care of the original Austrian conditions personally. It was a true success: Distracted by beautiful Dirndls (female Austrian costume) and Lederhosen and inspired by different fluid specialties, the participants had to hit Morzartkugels out of the bunker, target on Lederhosen and work on their Austrian accent. The best thin was: Everyone accepted the challenge without a blink and actually proved to be very good at it! Especially spectacular was the accent slam at hole 15: Not a single one chickened out to perform the exaggerated vocals and rolling Rs — not even later on that day at the award ceremony when the microphone was on! Oh yes, and between all the bacon, cheese, and pancakes, there was a serious game of golf happening but I almost forgot about that. In any case, there were surprisingly many Golf Lounge members who won a prize … Yes! We are very proud of our cosmopolitan winners. Peter actually donated a barrel of free beer that really fit the suckling pig on the BBQ. No wonder one thing is very clear: this event is to be continued. In Deinste. Motto suggestions are very welcome …


A beautiful hot summer’s day, maybe one of the last ones in this golf season. Perfect conditions for the final 18-hole tournament of the Golf Lounge Challenge of 2014 on the course of GC Brunstorf. The demanding and relatively long championship course presented itself in top condition: rich fairways, spotless greens — and kindly enough, the usually „deadly“ rough on the side was mowed. At 10 am, Golf Lounge Pro Falk and acting Golf Lounge club champion Alexander Wilken made the first flight. My flight with Kay and Sven came soon after and was followed by four and a half hours of fantastic golfing. The greens were a bit more difficult than expected. The ball speed was hard to guess. “Some greens were quite dull,“ complained club master Alexander but still made the highest gross point score. The majority of the 32 participants could play through without waiting too long, only two or three of the last flights came back to the club house with a huge delay — and being pretty wet as a “punishment“. They suffered from the torrential rains that were forecasted for the late afternoon — fortunately without a thunderstorm. There very only eight changing handicaps which was an overall good result. The net score was won by Bodo-Joachim (41 points), Johannes (49 points) and Hartmut with amazing 51 points. At the award ceremony, Hartmut, who was part of the slow last flight, was surprised himself about this great outcome. He won the much-appreciated dinner and spa trip to Schloss Basthorst close to WINSTON golf. A warm congratulation goes to the winner. Please register in time for the Golf Lounge club championships on November 1 and 2 on Gut Apeldör!


Round about 200.000 visitors came to the Alstervergnügen (Alster Festival) of 2014. One of the highlights was the booth of the Golf Lounge directly at the Lombardsbrücke (well-known Hamburg bridge). From an elevated game platform, you could tee off the mat to a green island that was placed in the middle of the Binnenalster. Every ball which made it there was rewarded with precious training and test vouchers for the Golf Lounge. Every day, starting at 5 pm, advanced golfers could challenge one of the Golf Lounge Pros in a shoot-out. But most visitors took the chance to swing for the first time in their lives. For this special moment, they were supported and prepared in short crash courses by Laura and Chris from the Golf Lounge team. For some, the sparks flew immediately, and for them, the voucher for a trial course at the Golf Lounge was exactly the right reward. But also many experienced golfers took the chance to tee off to the water — according to Chris, a lot of golf Pros and tour players among them. The most renowned was Ken Comboy, who was the Caddie of the successful Northern Irish tour Pro Graeme McDowell and who was PGA Caddie of the year in 2010.


Star cast in the Golf Lounge forum for trainers: Stefan Quirmbach, president of PGA Germany and experienced master professional held an exciting lecture about the five biggest golf myths. And the sympathetic 6.5 ft tall man radically cleared things up:

Myth number 1: you topped the ball because your head was down! Every golfer experienced that at any point. As soon as you top a ball, there is someone in the flight calling: ‚You looked up but you should keep your head down!‘. „But this is rarely the real reason for topping,“ Quirmbach explains. He is a coach for 30 years now at the Golf Resort Hardenberg where he leads a big school for golfing. „In most cases, topping has different reasons than the head movement“, he says. In simple words, it is the right timing as well as chest and hip rotation and the right following through that are far more essential. In the opinion of the top Pro who knows all about golf and health, the very slow sinking of the head that many golfers put a lot of effort in can lead to severe problems in the back.

Myth number 2: In the bunker, your have to twist the club and hit the sand hard and steep, three centimeters behind the ball. That is also not very helpful. It is much more important to take a wide stand, to squat (Quirmbach looks like a duck while showing the position) and to swing quite flat. This way you have much better control following through the sand. „Even Pros only twist their clubs in extremely high pot bunkers,“ reveals Stefan Quirmbach. For most bunkers, a 56 loft of a sand wedge is enough.

Myth number 3: Golf is bad for your back. This is not completely true. If you are trained by an experienced golf coach who can teach you a good swing, golf can strengthen your core. And this prevents back pain.

Myth number 4: Tour Pros hit the drive for 300 meters. „This is not at all true,“ reports Stefan Quirmbach. The average drive length in a PGA tour is about 258 meters — roll included! So, being an amateur golfer you don’t need to be awestruck.

Myth number 5: The short game decides the score. The long-term evaluations say otherwise. The short game is important; that goes without saying. But more essential for a good score is how often you reach the greens from a distance. Then what follows is, surprisingly, the drive length, the won putts as well as the total number of putts per round, and at last the precision of the drives. This order not only applies not only for Pros but also for amateur golfers.

„Mr. Quirmbach, you played great rounds with top Pros. What was your most beautiful moment in golf?“, a listener asked in the end. “The greatest thing of all was that I finally made it to a round of golf with my siblings,“ the tough coach answered and got quite emotional.


He is not just an exceptional pianist but also a great entertainer. It took Joja Wendt only five minutes to charm the 400 guests of the Golf Lounge with his humorous introduction. Then he sat down at the piano — on stage right next to the Club Factory — and started playing a modernly arranged boogie-woogie. That is his trademark since he began when he played every night in the Sperl, a bar at the Hamburg Großmarkt. One even, no other than the great Joe Cocker was standing right in front of his piano. Cocker made the young piano talent the opening act of his show. That was Joja Wendt’s breakthrough.

This story, pointedly presented by Wendt, was one of the highlights of this evening. The piano star delighted his audience with a brilliant mix of boogie-woogie, blue, jazz, classics and pop-songs for over two hours on this lovely summer night — while golf fans practiced their swings at the tees on the three areas in the background.

A great surprise was the special birthday song that he played for Max, son of Golf Lounge CEO Peter Merck. Wendt played Happy Birthday in the style of Mozart and Tchaikowsky — which Peter Merck recorded live for Max with his iPhone. For the grand finale Joja Wendt asked Peter Christ to come on stage, he is the former head of music at Radio Hamburg, and together they played four-handed until every guest was up and standing. What a great night!


It was a great scenario for the premiere of the Golf & Cruise Lounge in the Hafencity: on Saturday, the MS Europa departed off the Landungsbrücken to get to the big Hamburg Cruise Days Parade and passed a blue lit harbor. As part of his project „blue port“, light artist Michael Batz illuminated distinctive places of the Hamburg port in a very bright blue. Very impressive! The main attraction onshore and also with a great light show: the Golf & Cruise Lounge. On the roof of a container at the Marco Polo Terraces, the Golf Lounge had set up a tee off, giving golf enthusiasts the opportunity to tee off to a green in 65-meter distance right in the middle of the Elbe. Tee off to the Elbe — a dream come true! The balls were made out of eco-friendly fish feed, of course. In close collaboration with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, there was a thrilling shoot-out against the Golf Lounge Pros Falk, Marc und John: first prize was a Golf & Cruise trip on the Europa 2, and you could win precious Golf Lounge vouchers (e.g. a golf check-up) and a dinner at the close and hip restaurant Coast. In addition to the Golf Lounge team and Chris Selcher, PGA Pro Olaf Schäfer who accompanies the Golf & Cruise trips regularly gave useful tips on how to reach the floating green. In the evening, the participants witnessed another very spectacular contribution to the already great weekend: Tee off in black light (see picture). You had to be there: a great event with an amazing show!


Pure beach feeling between dike and chalet. Prince Alec invited his guest to come to the Player’s Night at his Golf & Jazztrophy, at the Golf Lounge of course. As expected, „Mr. Sunshine“ took care of the weather and arranged for a wonderful evening sun and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Up until now, on every one of his tournaments the weather was great! Our boy for the grill really broke a sweat — but he wasn’t the only one: via a diversity of relevant social networks, our Prince had announced: Ladies in chic dresses get in for free! That was part of his new summer dress marketing strategy, SMS in short, which was a premiere on this evening. Yes, what can I say: the concept was a great success! The Prince is a fox. Besides the quite enjoyable sights and views, Prince Alec and his band provided a fresh, „house“ sound which led to a perfect mood under the round about 200 guests.

The highlight of the evening was organized by the players of the Pro Golf Tour who paid a visit to the Golf Lounge this evening after their tournament in Adendorf. Tina Lorenzen of the Golf Lounge planned for the whole thing. From the balustrade on the way on the dike they initiated a spectacular chipping contest: who would tee off from a specially set up elevated mat and land most of their balls into a tiny ton on the putting green in front of the chalet, would win prize money amounting to 1000 €, 500 € and 250 €. It was unbelievable how often the Pro Tour players hit the ton — a very impressive show!

And since it wouldn’t cool down this evening, cool drinks and specialties off the grill provided for pure beach feeling at the beach club of the Golf Lounge. Amazing, how long the crowd stayed — and would’ve loved to stay longer since there was the final tournament of the Jazz & Trophy in Gut Kaden coming up the next day.


For us, it was the best place to watch the big final of the soccer world championship in Brazil where Germany played against Argentina. The Golf Lounge mutated to an exclusive public viewing location. Down at the „fairway“, the Golf Lounge team had built up a big screen, and from all three tee areas, you had a perfect view — which led directly onto the green turf of the Maracaña Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Before the whistle, another top act was waiting for the Golf Lounge guests. The confessing soccer fan and cult rocker Lotto King Karl and „Die 3 Richtigen“ held an exclusive concert in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. „I didn’t know that golfers could party so much,“ Lotto yelled into the crowd. And not later than his big hit „Hamburg meine Perle“ all arms were up in the air.

Lotto watched the endgame together with Golf Lounge CEO Peter Merck, having delicious specialties off the grill on one of the tee areas — and shared the excitement of the audience for the whole 110 minutes of the game. After a pass from André Schürrle, Mario Götze shot the winning goal in the 113th minute, and nothing could stop the fans from cheering and rooting. An all around great evening!


The beginning of the Ladies Italian Open on the golf course of Perugia in Umbria was pretty good: After nine holes, Florentyna was one under par. But on track 10 she played a bogey. Shoot! “Okay, now three birdies!“, She confidently said to her mother Gina who accompanied her as a caddie this week. On track twelve, Flory holed a long putt for a par. Not bad. And then there was hole 14, with 390 meters quite a short 5 par that she played par on the first two days. After a long tee off, the ball lay on the fairway. For her last 152 meters, she grabbed her 6-iron. She hit the balls quite well, it landed on the green, rolling and rolling — and disappeared into the hole. Wow — only two swings for a par 5. That wasn’t an eagle, even better: an albatross — the first in her career! “Are you satisfied?“, She cheerfully asked her mother. Fortunately, there was some champagne left from Flory’s birthday party she had this week. It was supposed to be consumed and was waiting for the right moment. The super swing led to 68 points in the final round. Her toughest competitor, British Holly Clyburn, couldn’t keep up with her anymore. Florentyna won the tournament after three rounds with the top result of seven under par.

Flory’s second tournament win on the Ladies European Tour LET was awarded with a check amounting to 37.500 Euros and the seventh seat on the current LET ranking list. Furthermore, she qualified for the Women’s British Open Juli 10-13 in Royal Birkdale. Birthday, albatross and tournament win — what a perfect week for the “face“ of the Golf Lounge!


That doesn’t happen every day. Right before the start, the motto was: take off your golf shoes and socks! We were at the Barefoot Cup of the Golf Lounge on the wonderful course of GC Buxtehude. It is a strange feeling, standing barefoot on the first tee, naturally being closer to the ground. Somehow it is quite unsettling. My first tee off landed in the bushes. But fortunately, with Nicola I had a swing-consistent flight partner. We played fourball with a selected drive. The Barefoot Cup is a fun-tournament. Thus, we could put all our senses into this new golf experience — and it was sensational: Walking barefoot on the rich fairways alone was as great as a walk on the beach — only on the turf. In the approach, you could feel the change of the different kinds of grass. The green felt very soft under your feet in the end, just like a carpet. And you were looking forward to the bunker swings. This was like playing in the sand again.

Amazingly, the golf swings work really well — after a round of adjusting. The barefoot game felt just like skiing, without the heavy and pinching ski boots, foot reflexology included. It was so good that we asked ourselves: why not play golf barefoot all the time?

Although the weather forecast promised unstable conditions, they were quite fine: 20 degrees Celsius, dry, some clouds, some sun. Only at half-time there was a little thunder, accompanied by some rain drops. But we were already at the halfway in the chalet. There, we were surprised by another highlight of the Barefoot cup: a foot massage by a professional masseuse. This was so great for your foot muscles after the unusual training. After that we could really enjoy our four-flight for the last nine holes. The Golf Lounge Barefoot Cup was truly a great experience. We can only recommend it to every golf player!


In the upcoming months, the leading top coaches of the national and international golf scene will pass the mike to each other at the Golf Lounge forum for trainers.Yesterday, golf guru Oliver Heuler held the first speech. Besides the latest news in golf, his lecture was all about having more fun golfing. And the round about 40 guests experienced what this meant, listening to the humorous talk of this top coach. During the 90 minutes, the interested and enthusiastic audience followed the amusing stories and anecdotes about the life of a golfer and golf coach. The recognition value of his stories — very high. Is there any golfer who never said the words „this can’t be it“ after failing a swing your trainer recommended? That’s why Heuler usually asks his students to sit down before showing them the video with the swing analysis — sometimes the difference between video and self-perception or feeling, can be shattering.

Throughout the evening, the former coach of the national team cleared up a few golf myths and tried to give a few brave volunteers some helpful swing tips with the help of the „scope“ video system he developed.

In the forum for trainers at the Golf Lounge, further different coaches will follow Heuler’s example and will present their very own concept and the latest news in golf in the next few weeks.

„Three golf coaches — five opinions“, says Heuler, whose trademark is the “result oriented training“. The ball flight inspires his system. He wants to make sure that at the end of a golf lesson, every ball his students hit will fly in a straight line, and cover a longer distance, consistently. Analyzing the ball flight you can tell pretty precisely how the club hit the ball in the moment of the swing. That is essential for the process: As soon as the first swing improves, Heuler won his student over. That is what he wants: No one goes home after a lesson saying: ‚It was great, I can’t hit a ball anymore, but my swing looks perfect on the screen.‘ Oliver Heuler is convinced that no golf coach withholds knowledge to sell more hours — when the golfer is suffering, the golf coach will be suffering ten times more. “I might be the one coach in Germany who sends home his student without having corrected them,“ says the long-term golf pro who currently manages the school Golf & Country Club Fleesensee. “If someone uses unorthodox movements to swing some useful balls, I won’t turn his technique upside down — especially after 30 years of golfing.“ He still remembers his „skeletons in the closet“ dreadfully, though. That is what he calls his few “hopeless cases“: „I’m still writing them apologies for Christmas.“ In the end, Heuler revealed his five most important elements for a successful game of golf: technique, psychology, club, strategy, and fitness.

More about Oliver Heuler you find here: www.heuler.de

Books and DVDs: http://golfschule.heuler.de/dvds/

Videos: http://golfschule.heuler.de/videos/

„We are very proud to have top coaches like Oliver Heuler as a guest. The expertise and the different approaches of the best teachers will bring our whole academy team further and broadens the training horizon. Our customers benefit from the diversity of the educational methods. Training is meant to be efficient. Also, every new training tool will be available at our place,“ says CEO Peter Merck.

The next forum for trainers will be on July 24, starting at 6:30 pm featuring Martin Hasenbein, tour coach and PGA Germany’s head of education.

For registration send an e-mail to trainingsforum@golflounge.de


On Saturday, Hamburg was cloudy, but Sylt welcomed the round about 30 participants of Golf & Sea with bright sunlight, a steel blue sky and fresh wind that is typical for Sylt. After a legendary first evening at the Sansibar including visiting the wine cellar, we went right to the demanding green of Budersand the next morning. „For 17 days, there was no rain,“ golf manager Harald Holle was warning us before we started. „The ground is hard as stone, the balls roll pretty far out — sometimes even beyond the green,“ was his well-meant comment. This scenario was underlined by a pretty hard tailwind. The result: the „Short hitter“ really had fun! Tee offs that came to a stop after 300 meters were no accident. Amazing what wind forces of six on the scale from astern can do. Of course, the game also worked in the other directions: balls that were hit into the tailwind just levitated in the air — or they were just blown to the left or the right and landed on the neighboring track. In full it was a lot of fun! Because of the difficult conditions we played a Chapman Foursome with a string. It is an invention by Peter Merck, and you play it like this: every team gets nine meters of string and scissors for their round. If the balls lands in the very deep pot bunkers, which are typical for Budersand, you can put it in a better position, giving away a piece of your string at the length of the distance you moved the ball. Of course, you could also use your string strategically on the green to even out putts that slightly missed the mark. Unfortunately, my flight partner Susa and I found out about that late at the last holes. But then, there was just a little piece of string left. The other team members were a little bit smarter and reached unbelievable good results of 65 to 70 points with the help of the string! Oh well, maybe next time.

The next morning, the sun was shining brightly again but with far less wind, and we went to the Marine Golf Club. The pristine links course obviously hadn’t suffered the drought as much as Budersand. I’ve never played the course in such great conditions like those it was in on Sunday. The Marine Golf Club is my favorite course on Sylt, anyway. This time, we played fourball with a selected drive, and without the string of course. It was a wonderful day of golf with a great group dinner at Seepferdchen Samoa. The cozy dike restaurant really doesn’t have to fear the comparison with its popular neighbor Sansibar.

On Monday, all the fun came to an end: dark clouds flew by above the island fueled by wind forces of 7 to 8 on the scale. Who felt up to it could play handicap on the beautiful Parkland Course of Golf Club Sylt.

Golf & Sea 2014 — well, we have a few very beautiful golf days with very amazing participants. In 2014, this event was hosted by Stefanie and Peter Merck for the last time. Starting at 2015, team Marc and Falk, who were coaches this time, will take over and also plan the trip for you. Since both of them are experienced old hands at Golf & Sea the future of this beautiful golf event is save.


Never in the last five years that I played many times on the course of champions in Brunstorf had I played in such perfect conditions like on the sporty 9-hole after-work-tournament of the Golf Lounge last Friday. The mild winter, a lot of the Northern Sun and a few hard spots of rain here and there made all the difference. Unfortunately, also the rough benefit from this surge in growth: At some places, you could just care less about balls you hit in the high rough because they would never be found again — waste of time! And the weather: bright sun, 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and not a hint of wind. „Where is the wind?“, Henriette who was in my flight asked indignantly. Indeed, it seemed to have fallen asleep since we started. The Pentecost solar high just began.

For us, it was the beginning of an unbelievable nice and relaxed 9-hole round in the warm evening sun. Those are the days I appreciate most in golf. And if you have nice flight partners on top, like Daniela and Henriette in my case, you can enjoy golf.

In total, there were five participants playing under par and reached a new handicap. The net score with a unison of 41 points was reached by Felix Hilt, Thomas Schätzle, and Helmut Schild, who all came from the Golf Lounge. The gross point score was respectively won by single-handicapper Thorsten Kahse from the Golf Lounge.

Quite exciting was the chipping contest „Nearest-to-the-Lederhosn“: With only one centimeter ahead, Henriette from the Golf Lounge scored for the second time. Her prize is to party with her friends at the chalet!


Antje and Börn are lucky: It was the third tournament of the Golf Lounge Challenge in a row with perfect conditions for playing golf. The sun was shining, temperatures rose to 20 degrees Celsius and 56 participants came to start the sporty 18-hole tournament on Saturday at Golfpark Weidenhof. The hard rain on Friday and much sun here in the Northern hemisphere obviously did well for the green of the Golfpark. I’ve never played at Weidenhof under such perfect conditions. Of course, this didn’t change the fact that the course, which is rated low because of its shortness, is quite difficult to play. Especially less experienced golfers need a very straight swing on the thin course to avoid the high rough and the touchlines on the sides. Added to this were a series of water hazards and a tough island green on track 17. With a 54 handicap, both my flight partners handled the course surprisingly good — although they had differing strengths and weaknesses profiles. With strong swings on the first nine holes, Dagmar has a good game going but then she struggled with her fitness. For Airbus engineer Paul, the first 9 holes seemed to be a warm-up he needed to do his best swings on the back nine. I on the other side just enjoyed the wonderful day and was happy about the diversified holes on the course. Weidenhof really convinced me today. It was a very relaxing 18-hole tournament round!

The majority of the 56 participants seemed to see it in the same way. They played withvery good results: Third place in the net score with 42 points went to Alex Ram from the Golf Lounge. The passionate hockey player was able to lower his handicap from 54 to 26,7 over the first three Golf Lounge tournaments. Great talent! The net score seats 2, and 1 went to Caren Fröhling (42 points), who is also from the Golf Lounge, and to Jochen Helmer with amazing 44 net score points. The gross point score was won by Christiane Reichert and Arne Gebhardt. Congratulations to the winners! The award ceremony was hosted by the entertaining Weidenhof patriarch Hans Detlef Voss who found the perfect final words: “I appreciate the Golf Lounge, and I’m looking forward to having you back again, soon!“


We had summer temperatures of about 29 degrees Celsius at the third charity golf tournament that was initiated by Hamburg’s chamber of commerce for the competitive sports foundation. The Golf Lounge is a sponsor and supporter of this commendable initiative for the second time now, which generates the structural backbone for successful competitive sports in Hamburg. Last but not least, Hamburg as a city is planning its bid for the Olympics of 2024, as Reinhardt Wolf, board member of the foundation revealed. Since golf is an Olympic discipline, the Golf Lounge is supporting the right cause. Chris, traditionally wearing Lederhosen, hosted a small chalet at C9 tee. Before trying the difficult swing onto the island green directly in front of the golf course clubhouse Hamburg-Treudelberg, a little refreshment was quite welcome. Christ served pretzels and alcohol-free white beer or a beer mixed with sprite upon request. Of course, the inventive stand was also a topic of conversation at the shared dinner on the clubhouse patio.

The award ceremony of the Chapman Four charity tournament was next: The best gross score in a team was made by Joachim Hilke, the board member for marketing and communication at a Hamburg sports club and Tina Lorenzen from the Golf Lounge team. Both were very happy about an exclusive golf bag and trolly by Porsche Design. National League player Tina smiled saying: „My first Porsche.“


The conditions couldn’t have been better: After a week full of rain, the sky was clearing up in a bright blue, and the sun was shining at enjoyable 20 degrees Celsius. On Friday at 4 pm, the first flight of a sporty 9-hole Golf Lounge after work tournament was played on the course of GC Buxtehude, which is part of the most beautiful facilities in the south of Hamburg. The previous rain had been good for the greens, which were in tip-top shape, just like the fairways. Despite that, the club regulations allowed us to improve our lies. That is how it works: you mark the ball on the fairway, lift it, and put it down at a club’s lengths next to the mark but in no case closer to the flag, of course. Unfortunately, the planting on the sides had grown, too. In one round I hit a ball very slightly into the rough but just couldn’t find it anymore. And it wasn’t just me. After the tee off in the first flight, there were three golfers already who had to look for their balls. This takes time. Even if you stick to the rule of not spending more of five5 minutes looking for the balls, it adds up to 15 minutes per flight and hole. This multiplied by nine holes, results in a worst-case scenario of an additional playtime of 2,5 hours!

But it never came to that. On the contrary: this unhurried game made it possible to enjoy the beautiful landscape and great holes of the newly designed GC Buxtehude. On top, Henriette and Daniela made very nice flight partners. Daniela manages two small boutique hotels on the Alster with her mother. It is fascinating what you can find out in an investigative small talk. For a handicap of 52, Daniela showed a pretty god and sporty swing. Unfortunately, her result was rated setting a 44-handicap. That is the rule in competitive tournaments of the Golf Lounge — in opposite to the Tiger & Rabbit tournaments that are meant for higher handicappers. The sun was shining the whole time. The nine holes almost went by too fast. Your evenings are hardly better spent!

After that, my flight partner Henriette scored the special rating „Nearest-to-the-Lederhosn“ with a mega put. On top of that, she made third place in the net score. The gross score was led by Thorsten Kahse and Alexander Wilken from the Golf Lounge Team, making a second and third play. Congrats to all winners!


Girl power in the Golf Lounge. Almost 80 golf inspired girls between the ages six and fourteen followed the call of the Hamburg Golf Association (Hamburger Golf Verband, HGV) and came to the big performance test at the Golf Lounge. Background of the initiative: The Hamburg golf clubs are desperately looking for female newcomers for their club teams. Under the leadership of HGV regional trainer and Golf Lounge team trainer, the young ladies had to show in changing weathers what they were made of. Their flexibility, coordination, and the natural feeling for the small ball were tested. Interesting: Could the next Sandra Gal or Caroline Masson be among them? „Some of them were really good,“ observed Tina Lorenzen from the Golf Lounge Team with her experienced eye. She plays in the women’s team of the renowned GC Falkenstein.

The best ten girls of this talent scouting were awarded special prizes: one year of support „all inclusive“ — training, golf equipment and balls. In addition, the winners and their parents are invited to a cozy evening with BBQ at the Golf Lounge.

Dominikus Schmidt, CEO of HGV and Golf Lounge CEO Peter Merck were a hundred percent convinced of the success of this initiative.


It was the second event of the new info series „Healthy Monday“ at the Golf Lounge. The topic of today’s evening was: the shoulder joint. Dr. Andrea Werner, renowned orthopedist, and specialist for elbows (golf arm!) and shoulder joint, explained by using graphics what tasks the shoulder joint has to fulfill while golfing. His thesis: In a third of all golfers above 55 the flexibility of the joint is already limited. Who is limited shouldn’t try to twist like a Pro. It is better to discover the reasons for the restriction and to fix it or to adjust your swing.

Timo Lehnert, experienced PGA Golf Pro and TPI Biomechanics specialist showed vividly what happens when a golfer with limited shoulder joint tries to compensate the disadvantage within the swing. The upper body tilts back in the back swing what results in very unfavorable shear forces that press on the lower spine (Reverse Spine Angle). Timo Lehnert: „Who swings like that will have back troubles, soon.“ After that, he showed us some simple exercises on how you can test the flexibility of your shoulder joint.

Is there a way to improve your flexibility with targeted exercises? That was a question directed to the physiotherapists Uwe Harste and Thomas Horre. Both developed a program to significantly improve the flexibility of the core over the course of seven weeks. Uwe Harste: „I can only recommend to any golfer to put more time and effort into strengthening your core and keeping it flexible. That will pay off in playing golf.“ The next Healthy Monday is on June 16, starting at 7 pm and it will be about the hip. It promises to be just as interesting as today’s event.


The season start for the Golf Lounge Challenge tournament series of 2014 came with many novelties. The series this year will consist out of fun tournaments (no handicap), competitive tournaments (9 and 18 holes) and Tiger & Rabbit tournaments (9-hole), which are meant to be for golfers with higher handicaps. The idea: Experienced players support in flights and help with insecurities in the first two tournament rounds.

The first tournament was launched on the exceptionally playable 9-hole course (south course) in Brunstorf. The remarkable number of 31 participants showed that many Golf Lounge fans were just waiting for an idea like that. In wonderful sunshine and pleasant 20 degrees Celsius a canon started the round. Both of my flight partners Britta and Stefanie, 54-handicappers, made their first experiences with “tournament pressure“: swings that are save in training won’t necessarily work in tournament conditions. The best way to prepare for tournament pressure is: Play many and tournaments and get used to it. On the following holes, they got increasingly better. Jason, by far the youngest “rabbit“ on the field provided for a very special „tiger“ for his flight — his daddy Thorsten Kahse. The family feud obviously motivated both of them: Junior Jason ranked number three with 25 points in the net score and Thorsten von the gross score and with a handicap of 9.5 became single-handicapper. But the success story hadn’t come to an end: 11 starters could lower their handicap. Winner of the net score was Alex Ram from the Golf Lounge with amazing 33 points. He also won the special rating of the new chipping contest „Nearest-to-the-Ledernhosn“.

By the way, also new was the organization team around Antje and Björn, who, thanks to the canon start, could provide a smooth course of play and who made the participants happy. All in all, it was a very successful season start for the Golf Lounge Challenge of 2014!


Time and again on Monday’s you need a little reminder: What were your new year’s resolutions for 2014? With the introductory presentation „Mental Fitness“ held by Dr. Katrin Adlkofer, the Golf Lounge starts it new „Healthy Monday“ series of lectures featuring topics about golf and health. Every Monday, we talk in one-hour lectures about the important components performance, health, mental capacities, fitness, and nutrition, in collaboration with mei:do institute and zenith. Being partners of the Golf Lounge, both institutes focus on a practice-oriented approach with the goal to stabilize your golf performance or even expand it in older age. The events offer scientific ground and inspiration on how to integrate those sources of success into your everyday routine and how you can use them as ideal preparation for playing golf. At the end of each lecture will be a practical part where you try out the ideas actively.

The fee for lecture and golf is 10 Euros (entrance is free for Golf Lounge members). The participation is limited to 50 people. Register per e-mail to gesundheit@golflounge.de

> Schedule 2014


Golf, networking, celebrating and doing good: 70 guests, among them many well-known faces of Hamburg media celebrated the season start of golf 2014. The eastMEDIACUP GOLF warm-up was the attunement for the MEDIACUP tournament on July 12 that is played on the demanding championship course Green Eagle in Hamburg’s South. To build the right community for networking, there is a warm-up before the tournament and a chill-out afterward (on October 30), both take place in the Golf Lounge, of course. Having delicious specialties off the grill, the media professionals proved that they could not only play golf and network but also party exuberantly. They were joined by pianist Joja Wendt who will be in a legendary concert on August 28. The MEDIACUP golfers donated 1500 Euros for a good cause in the last season. This evening, Michael Stich accepted the cheque for his foundation personally which was a delight for the guests.

Further information: http://mediacup.org/


The ProAm tournament of the Golf Lounge is a highlight every year. In spite of a cloudy sky, 47 starters came to play golf. One Pro (or Golf Lounge employee) guides the team player through every challenge they might encounter on the Golf Lounge premise: putting on the Pirates course, target exercise at the TrackMan, chipping and bunker swings on the practice circuit directly in front of the lounge and some surprising special ratings. More information will follow later on. Many teams use the ProAm as ideal preparation for the season — every team in their own special way.

Being the absolute favorite was the team „Clubmeister“. Alexander Wilken, the winner of the Golf Lounge Club Championships of 2013 in Winston, created a dream team: Sarath (Hcp 4.2), Gordon (Hcp 8.4) and Ralf who provided for the necessary Stableford quota. The „Clubmeister“, including three single-handicappers, quasi the Bayern München of the teams, focused on a clear goal: to win the thing! For other teams, rather the journey was the award. They came with a claim like „ProAm-winner-defeater“ like Jens’ team or with a strategical team order and fighting names: “Dr. G Fummel”, “the Don“, “Rendite Sau“ and “Grill Matze“, in short, the “booze golfers“ preferred an alternate season preparation. Afterward, they had to do a doping test on the ground floor. The newest station “putting into the target circle“ downstairs in front of the patio proved to be one of the most difficult. Also new was chipping onto a goal wall right in front of the chalet. But we also provided for your physical well-being: Because of the little stops ahead of the stations TrackMan and bunker landscape, most of the players had enough time for a long lunch break (mm, bratwurst) and later for coffee and pie. I found the special challenge “Big-Data-Putting“ up on the patio most exciting. With the SAM PuttLab, accuracy and the follow-through of the putting movement was analyzed and evaluated which was very fascinating. Oh yes, and the Golf Lounge Team „Clubmeister“ won the ProAm 2014, of course.

Loft Up Your Drive 4. April 2014

Up until yesterday, one thing was very clear to me: being a golfer in the mid-ranging handicap class, you play a driver with a 10-degree loft at the most. „13 and 14 degrees are for beginners or girls,“ my friend Will once said, who has something to say to every important question in golf. And now I was standing there at the TrackMan, and Golf Lounge Pro Falk handed me a TaylorMade driver with — yes, exactly — 13-degree loft. “I bet you will hit 20 meters with this,“ Frank asserted with a smile on his face. Okay, I was right in the middle of the loft-up-experiment of the Golf Lounge. Doing my first swing with the 13-degree baby, I noticed the much higher flight curve immediately. It was higher than the distance I was used to swinging with my own driver. But does this do any good? I mean, I don’t want to hit the ball into upper atmospheres but possibly get it further on the fairway. One glance on the incorruptible TrackMan display revealed the truth: The higher balls flew immensely further than the flat shots of before. „There is no direct link between the higher loft degree and the plus in distance,“ Falk analyzed the series of numbers on the TrackMan display. „Using the club with the higher loft, the angle of approach is much higher,“ Frank explained. The higher flight causes the ball carry to be way longer and to let it roll even further, too. Furthermore, you could see on the TrackMan display that the steeper approach angle avoided rotation of the ball in the air. The lowered spin also provides for more distance. On average, using the 13-degree driver, my balls flew round about 20 meters further than with the 10-degree model! Chapeau Frank! I think, I have to have a talk with my friend Will …


Handball meets golf. Stefan Schröder and Petar Dordic visited the Golf Lounge. The two star athletes of the successful HSV Hamburg team — 2013, the team of Martin Schwalb won the handball champions league —used the great training opportunities of the Golf Lounge. And they didn’t come empty-handed: We will draw two exclusive tickets for a game of the HSV in the O2 Arena in Hamburg. But this is not enough: Every day, there will be a lucky ball in our ball machine. If you find it, you get 1 x 2 “first class“ tickets for an HSV game of handball.


The Golf Lounge is cooperating with mei:do concepts GmbH and zenith, the center for interdisciplinary therapy.

In April, the new Golf Lounge lecture series „Healthy Monday“ with golf & health topics will be kicked off. In one-hour lectures, the institutes mei:do and zenith will introduce the most important components enabling good performance, health, mental capacity, fitness, and nutrition. What is self-evident for athletes, is also helping to accept the complex challenges of your everyday routines in a sporting and relaxed way.

As partners of the Golf Lounge, both partner institutes focus on a practice-oriented approach to stabilizing your level of performance in an older age and to expand it.

The events offer scientific ground and inspiration on how to integrate those sources of success into your everyday routine and how you can use them to prepare for your game of golf. At the end of every lecture, there will be an active part where you will practice the theories you just learned on the third tee area of the facility. The fee for both lecture and golf is 10 Euros (entrance is free for members of the Golf Lounge). The participation is limited to 50 people per lecture. Please register per e-mail to gesundheit@golflounge.de.

„In the upcoming years, the topic golf & health will be of greater relevance than we thought a few years ago. As part of the demographic change, the age group 50 plus will grow and so will the wish for a healthy training, since the older generation is also much more active. The “young olds“ want to stay fit and practice their sport for as long as possible. Golf is the trending sport of the future — if you believe that it’s all more about nature and health and being active“, says CEO Peter E. Merck (47).

The lecture dates in the overview

-> 7 pm come together, 7:30 to 8:30 pm lecture, 8:30 to 9 pm free golfing finish

04/07/2014: The formula for success and high performance: focus, serenity and regeneration, Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer

What exactly can be transferred from the experiences of being a competitive athlete and manager with a background as neurobiologist to high performance as a concept of life? And how does a brain respecting motivation work? What is more important for a top level performance: action or relaxation? How much commitment is needed? How can you reach and use focus, serenity, and regeneration for high performance? This lecture gives surprising answers from the autodidactic practice of a competitive athlete, manager, and speaker.

The lecturer: Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer is multiple world sailing champion and managing partner of mei:do concepts GmbH. After studying molecular biology in Berlin, Zurich, and Harvard, and after her PhD in 1997, she moved to San Diego, USA, for further research and teaching activities. In 2000, she switched to industry. Most recently, she was Managing Director of Norgenta Northern German life science agency GmbH.

  • 05/05/2014: The shoulder joint: 90 degrees outer rotation as precondition for a solid level of swings, Thomas Horre/PD Dr. Andreas Werner/Timo Lehnert
  • 06/16/2014: The hip: linchpin for differentiating upper and lower body, Thomas Horre/Dr. Lutz Simon/Timo Lehnert
  • 09/08/2014: Brainfood: Eat smarter, live better, Dr. Niels Schulz-Ruthenberg/Sabine Welz
  • 10/06/2014: The spine: Influences of different functional and structural limitations on the golf swing and your health, Uwe Harste/Dr. Lutz Simon/Timo Lehnert
  • 11/10/2014: The knee: „The allrounder“ — an always reliable joint partner with complex aspirations, Thomas Horre/Dr. Werner Siekmann/Timo Lehnert
  • 12/01/2014: From healthy lifestyle to empowerment: Why healthy living is sexy, Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer

The mei:do concept approach

On the grounds of the latest research results in the fields of sports and neuroscience, the mei:do training unites mental fitness, exercise, relaxation, and nutrition to an integral and effective prevention program. In doing so, mei:do transfers exercise into everyday life, fires up your gray matter and activates a healthy change of lifestyle in a smart way — medically accompanied if you wish. Scientists collaborate with mei:do to develop the program further, consistently. Research shows that the connection of cognition and exercise causes a growth of cells and that you can repair neuronal structures with the right exercises, keep them healthy and improve them. The reason is that the brain works like a muscle: Only if it is challenged it stays fit and operative.


The zenith concept approach

In collaboration with their medical network partners, the practice zenith sees itself as a point of contact for an individual health training. After an extensive functional analysis, that contains athletically relevant motor skills like strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, you set training targets, in conjunction with the customer. Depending on the analysis, you add further diagnostics to the exercise program and order prior therapy, if necessary, to make sure the training is efficient. The workout plan will be individually customized, taking the sports specific demands into account. The terminology that is propagated by the Titleist Performance Institute form the basis of the workout plan for golfers and enable a good coordination between golf pro and therapist. The practice team of zenith accompanies their customers on their way to enjoying exercise, health, physical fitness and an improved body awareness.



The suckling pig on the grill in front of the chalet was sizzling while the cozy hut itself filled up with illustrious guests. Most of them wore traditional clothes, like Dirndls and Lederhosen. Golf Lounge CEO Peter Merck was celebrating his 48th birthday on February 28 in the rustic atmosphere he wished for, right in the middle of the premise of his big project, the Golf Lounge. In the entertaining introductory speech, Peter Merck explained from which times of his life and environment he had invited the guests: from his years of study in Lüneburg, family and friends from around Hamburg Othmarschen and from the first steps founding and building the Golf Lounge, of course. In the cozy circle of friends, you also spotted many well-known faces. And like it was meant to be for Peter and the Golf Lounge, the crowd was dancing and partying until morning!

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It’s Christmas at the Golf Lounge: Our popular advent calendar is online again. Every day there will be a surprise and precious gifts waiting behind every door. But before that, you have to clear a little hurdle: When you open the door, you have to answer a quiz question about golf and the Golf Lounge. Out of the right answers, we draw the winners of the day. In the case of winning, we will let you know via e-mail and publish your name in the Golf Lounge blog on the Golf Lounge Facebook fan page.

There are many precious prizes to win, like golf equipment, very limited fan products, training vouchers, invitations to exclusive Golf Lounge events and many, many surprises. Other than the great prizes, we want to do good as well: On December 8, there will be no drawing but a wonderful charity event. Any amount of money that is given as a tip in the Golf Lounge restaurant will be donated to the phönikks foundation “families live with cancer“. The foundation helps young families to overcome this burdening situation. So, on December 8: please tip generously!

Win, give and do good — this is the right start for Christmas time in our golfing home! The Golf Lounge wishes good look open doors and winning!

P.S.: And we would be very happy if you shared our calendar on Facebook (look for the button on the right).


This year’s Golf Lounge advent calendar if filled up to the top again with beautiful presents and campaigns. Every day at 11 am, you will find out if you are a lucky winner.

Sofia Beck, Jörg Kojellis, Nataliya Litvinova & Ralph M. Dürmer, you are the lucky winner of yesterday’s drawing, December 20, 2013

You each won a free year subscription to the Golf Magazine.


Susanne Heinlein & Nadja Oberstadt will be pleased!

Behind yesterday’s door, there were 2 free tickets for a trial course for each of them!

Congratulations and a lot of fun starting your golf career!

Tobias Schütz will be pleased! He is the winner of yesterday’s calendar door on December 15, 2013

Yesterday, we drew 2 hours of “Beat the Pro“ at the golf simulator against our golf pro Jack for two people. Congratulations!

Resolution of December 14, 2013

Are there 4550, 2000, 3200 or just 200? No, there are just 90 lights on our Christmas tree!

Who gave the correct answer?

Rainer Koblenz was closest, guessing 87! Thus, Rainer is the winner of a delicious bottle of Prado Rey. Congratulations!

Yesterday, on December 13, 2013, Philipp Rockrohr won the 13th door of the Golf Lounge advent calendar.

Congratulations! Philipp Rockrohr, you won an exclusive evening with three of your friends at our place, 2 mats, unlimited range balls for 2 hours! A super present, we think …

Yesterday, on December 12, 2013, we drew a wildcard for the Gourmet Cup 2014, powered by Gastro.

Under all participants, Kai Nekat is the happy winner! Congratulations!

Yesterday on December 11, we had a quiz question prepared for you! Nick Faldo played a triple bogey (“8″)after the tree fiasco.

Emily Chiang won the training lesson with Falk Simon valued at 60 Euros. Congratulations!

On December 10, 2013, the focus was on the training and 10 participants could each win a voucher for one hour at the TrackMan.

The following participant will be happy about the voucher:

Olaf Sieger

Cedric Föllmer

Lena Janine Rebehn

Steven Hong

Nina Behl

Dennis Graham

Hendrik Kappen

Margret Lavall

Matthias Krause

Maximilian Finger


On December 9, 2013, we drew 10 Golf Lounge gloves.

And the following winners can come by the Golf Lounge and receive a Golf Lounge golf glove:

André Stich

Lennart Birkner

Ulrich Stückler

Sven Walter

Anike Steinforth

Michael Huber

Christian Ahring

Christina Schol

Yvonne Sendlinger

Thomas Nordbruch


On December 7, 2013, we drew a free ticket for a three-day children vacation course.

Your prize: A free ticket for a three-day children vacation course in 2014.

The happy winner is Andreas Kusch. Congratulations!

On December 6, 2013, we drew a Joja Wendt concert ticket for the summer concert in 2014 at the Golf Lounge.

Rainer Kobelenz wins two tickets for the Joja Wendt concert in 2014 at the Golf Lounge!

On December 5, 2013, we put a spot-the-mistake-picture behind the 5th door and drew a golf check-up.

There were 8 mistakes, and the winner is Katharina Ohrts! Congratulations and a lot of success with your prize!

On December 4, 2013, we had ten surprise boxes of Bijou Brigitte in our advent calendar!

The ten happy winners are:

Nils Kramer

Elke Kilian

Adrianne Madejski

Sven Walter

Sandra Graham

Juliane Schröter

Dominik Henze

Jeanette von Lipinski

Thomas Nordbruch

Kristina Mechnik

Congratulations to all of you!

December 3, 2013 — The winners of the candle light dinner at the Golf Lounge is:

Bernhard Ehlerte


December 2, 2013 — In spite of the difficult question, many of you knew the right answer. Winner of the James Bond “golf“ question and thus, the training hour with Marc Schlenker is:

Ekkehard Hübel

And this was the answer: Goldfinger plays a “Slazenger1“, after that a “Slazenger 7“. The brand name derives from the two founders, the Slazenger brothers.

December 1, 2013, The winners of the Taylormade Caps, originally signed by Peter Hedblom are:

  1. Boris Koch
  2. Katrin Adolph
  3. Stefan Pöppe



The preliminary stages of the big season highlight were very dramatic. The long and hard season of the Golf Lounge Challenge tour of 2013 left its marks: battered players discussed their diagnoses with manager Tim and about how long they could delay their confirmation for the last tournament of the season. Alexander was hit the worst: an inconvenient combination of golf arm and tenosynovitis in his hand. The saxophone player, an artist, formally known as “Prince Alec“, was tortured by the question: As handicapped as he was, would he be able to convince in the Golf Lounge Club championships in Winston? Because of his pain, he almost wasn’t able to hold the club. On the drive back after a concert, his Polish bandmate gave him a useful tip: Hot potato mash and cold curd. Prince Alec made a face. Right, now, he didn’t need that kind of jokes. But his violinist replied with a straight face: „It is an old Polish home remedy that sucks the infection out of your body!“ Alec didn’t even care anymore. At the next stop at a service station, the single-handicapper got a rubber glove filled with curd and put in his battered hand. In the evening, the “mud“ pack with hot potato mash was next. „Unbelievable, but in the next morning, the swelling and pain were gone, as if they had never been there,” Alexander smiled happily.