As a golfer for three decades, we have experienced Nils as a coach who knows how to train highly talented and highly-endowed players successfully. He knows how to adapt himself excellently to the particular requirements and peculiarities of his students in order to get the best possible result for everyone; and that with enthusiasm and fun. Conclusion: highly recommended.

Gisela and dr. Peter Buchen Handicap 15.8

I am happy to report on my experiences with your training:

At the end of an intensive fitting, my values ​​have changed dramatically. In the meantime, I have achieved a width with the irons that were unimaginable to me 2 years ago. By Max. 1.45 m to regular widths of over 1.70 m. Where I used to go with wood 5, I now have much better precision with the irons. Specifically, your didactic skill convinced me to break the momentum into meaningful smaller exercises. What impressed me most about your training is the sustainability with which you pursued your training goals and worked with me. You did not settle for half-silk, but always insisted that I could do even better. Your focus on concrete work and training rather than longer theoretical explanations comes very close to me. Now I have the feeling during your training that I am really improving and having a good momentum. The season this year I was therefore much easier to deal with failures than the years before. You have always given me the feeling that I can in principle and have approached me constructively and solution-oriented – even outside the booked training times- when I was lost again in the vale of tears.

Wieland Wessel Handicap 16.3