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Golf is not only inspiring and relaxing, among the individual sports, but it is also quite communicative. So, why not train in a group? In the Golf Lounge, you quickly find new training partners on the same skill level. And being a new trend, golf is exploited by more and more Hamburg companies. Of course, because we offer favorable conditions for businesses.


Playing golf with your co-workers is a lot of fun — and strategically makes sense for the company. The joint tee off or ball flight training contributes to the daily teamwork, just by itself. And golf is healthy: You move your whole body but without overstraining. If you want to offer your employees golf as a company sport, we can set up an individual plan for you.

Our expert for company sport, Ines Kedro, will take care of the registration and provide you with further information: [email protected]

Your advantages from the Golf Lounge company sport:

  • Favorable company conditions
  • Conveniently situated
  • Year-round service
  • Team-building “on the side“
  • Top Training for Beginners and Professional golf players
  • Flexible entry into golf
  • Diverse tournament offers
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The Golf Lounge Pros are at your service for your individual group training. Having fun in a group with valuable training tips and a favorable entry price are at the top of the list.

1. Discover the Fascination of Golf as Corporate Sport

Learn how golf as a corporate sport can improve team dynamics and well-being in the workplace. With special offers for companies, we promote cohesion and provide a platform for healthy competition and social interaction.

2. Customized Golf Events for Your Company

With our help, organize unforgettable golf events tailored to your company’s needs. Whether for team building, customer engagement, or as part of your corporate events, golf offers a unique opportunity to cultivate and strengthen valuable relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Promote Health and Well-being Through Golf

Golf is not only enjoyable but also offers numerous health benefits. From improving cardiovascular function to promoting mental health, discover how golf can contribute to overall health promotion.

4. Flexibility and Diversity in Offerings

We understand that every company and every employee is unique. Therefore, we offer flexible training times and a variety of golf activities to ensure that everyone gets their money’s worth – regardless of experience and skills.